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skunkstripe 05-25-2007 11:19 AM

Newbie Guide to the Forum
It can be hard finding your way around a new forum-each one is organized differently and has different rules. So here is a guide to get you started!

Can't find the forum rules (Terms of service) :questionmark:
Here they are! This is also worth reading!

Need help with common questions about behavior and training :questionmark:
Check our FAQ section.

Not sure how to post pictures :questionmark:
Look here.

Want a picture to appear under your username or in the signature :questionmark:
Check here for avatar and here for sigpics. You can request a custom sigpic here.

Want to quote more than one post in one reply :questionmark:
This thread tells you how.

Why do some members say they are chillin', got the zoomies, were kissed or gobble-gobbled :questionmark:
Because someone PMd them they were!

Want to chill, get the zoomies, get kissed, gobble-gobbled or whatever is in season yourself :questionmark:
Post your request here.

Getting too many emails from the forum :questionmark:
Find out how to turn it off here.

Can't find the chat room :questionmark:
Here it is! The quick link is right under the userlist near the top of the home page.

Wondering what reputation, or "rep" is :questionmark:
This thread

Did we miss something?
Post a reply and someone will help! Maybe the information belongs here!

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