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Desdemona 05-27-2015 01:32 PM

Intro and future dog adopter questions
Future dog owner here. I want to adopt a couple of dogs after me and my son move into a house and are fully settled in. I do work full time (single parent) so I am planning on two so that they won't be alone while we are out of the house.

First question: Better to get two from the start? I am a new dog owner (more or less, it's been many years and the last were outside dogs my parents owned) and want everything to go as smoothly as possible. I am planning on a couple of little guys, a couple of years old. The area I am moving too has a few options for adoption agencies.

Second: I'd love any recommendations for new owner resources. I am still a few months out, but I want to be well read and ready when the time comes.

Third: I saw one site mentioning taking said new dogs to the petstore when buying new stuff. Does this seem like a good idea or something stressful? In the past I've always been all setup before taking on a new animal. All of my pets in the past have been caged animals though (rodents, fish, and reptiles), so a bit of a different world.

Dunbar's Mom 05-27-2015 02:23 PM

Welcome to the forum. With wanting to adopt 2 dogs, I would try to find a rescue center that allows the dogs a socializing and play time together. You could go and watch the dogs playing and see who is playing with whom. Also, often shelters will have 2 dogs who were either rescued together or who have bonded together while at the shelter or possibly fostered together, who would really be best if adopted together. If will take some "leg work" to search out the perfect pair, but you do have the time, and it will be worth the time spent. Also, in my personal opinion, it would be better to get a male and a female. Too much competition if you have 2 of the same sex. Good luck.

Ama 05-27-2015 02:30 PM


I'd personally recommend getting one to start off with. It's easier to train one at a time then trying to train two. Also, even if you get two there is no guarantee they will make each other happy, you could just end up with two dogs misbehaving because they are bored/aren't getting enough exercise. Getting two at once can end up becoming overwhelming for you.

I'd also really recommend thinking about whether a dog would be the right fit for you and your household. Dogs are great companions, but they are also a lot of work(with training, giving them exercise, etc)-they are worth it in the end, but it's something(whether you have the time to train/give it exercise) to think about before adding a dog to your household. A bored dog is usually one that gets into trouble.

I can't really think of any specific resources. I know of good training books, but not websites/otherwise for new owners.

As for taking it to a pet store to get supplies, that depends on the individual dog. If the dog is fearful or skittish, I wouldn't suggest it. Otherwise, it would be okay(though I would suggest getting a collar/leash beforehand). I've seen a lot of people bring their new dogs into my work, and the dogs seem to do okay for the most part. But I've also seen people bring in new dogs who are also very afraid/skittish-One wouldn't even leave the owners car and others practically glue themselves to the ground.

Good luck!

Desdemona 05-27-2015 03:23 PM

I'm a big pet person, so I am totally down with lots of animal work. I even breed hamsters at one point, years ago, so lots of time put into that project. We will be in a small town, so less event type things to do and more puppy time. The smaller town will also be great for the dog, lots of outside places to visit. The house I am buying already comes with a large fenced yard. I do plan on testing it's ability to keep the dog safe, with a leash, before letting it roam free though. It's a wood privacy fence, so not a lot of holes, but I don't know if the fence goes deep, if I end up with a digger.

JGLI 05-27-2015 04:00 PM

Welcome Desdemona, great to have you join us and big kudos to you for going the adoption route. Many shelters have bonded pairs that they pray will be adopted together and very often these dogs have had training which will make their adaption to your home easier. Though it may seem a bit early for you, I would still contact your local shelter(s) and rescues and inform them of your desire to give a home to two dogs. Homes for bonded pairs tend to be harder to find as most people are looking to adopt a single dog... it is very likely you will be the answer to a shelter or rescue's prayers and they will jump at the chance to work with you. As well, with bonded pairs, the worry about them getting along is not a factor. Though it was contrary to conventional wisdom, I had two dogs of the same sex (females) that got along just great and your adoption counselor would be in the best position to advise you on the dogs personalities. You might also consider asking a trainer to accompany you to help in your selection. I think it's fantastic that you are doing so much "pre-work" to give your potential new family members the best chance for success and that there are going to be two very lucky and very happy dogs when you are ready :-)

Desdemona 05-27-2015 04:42 PM

Thanks! There is one group that specializes in small dogs, pretty close to where I am moving too (I am moving states). I did think about sending them a e-mail, but haven't yet. I'll do so. There is a shelter close by, but they seem to have medium to larger sized dogs. I don't know if starting out small has any benefits, and I know smaller dogs sometimes have serious health issues... but I still like the idea of starting out small :p Maybe because pretty much all of my pets in the past have been small.

Ama 05-27-2015 05:13 PM

Dunbar's mom and JGLI bring up great points about the bonded pairs, that is a good idea to look into that if you want to get two at the same time ^.^

Good luck and I hope you find the right companions for your household!

Bigboy 05-28-2015 08:36 AM

Hi And welcome aboard a good on you for adopting :) will say while you have a lot of time to plan ahead look at all options open to you :)You work long hrs daily. I would probably rule out getting 2 pups. pups are cute, but will require some one to be with them the majority of the time for interaction and letting them out for pottying,etc if some one is going to be a home to look after the pups then great :) lot's of good advice has been given already! Good luck and do keep us updated!

techie 05-28-2015 10:57 AM

Welcome to Dog Forum!

Desdemona 05-28-2015 02:04 PM

Don't worry, I have no plans for puppy, puppies. Though sometimes I call dogs puppies, i am trying to break the habit though. At least on here to eliminate confusion. I want to get dogs that are a couple of years old. I have a work from home class the third week of July, so I will probably plan for those dates. That gives us about a month to settle in and all of that jazz. Then I'll be home a little more for their first days and I can slowly up the "gone" hours. I have a kid who's had seperation anxiety, at various degrees, for years... so at least I'm familiar with that aspect.

Edit: Actually, that new dog date might change until October... I have pending vacation in Sept (which I need to not forget about) and would rather wait until after that. Seems a bit stressful to put a dog in a kennel/babysitting service after only having them for a month or so.

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