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Default Valley Fever Treatment

Dexter wasn't acting himself - lack of appetite, loss of weight, lethargic, decreased activity level, "depressed," so I took him to the vet. He tested positive for Valley Fever with a tider of 1:8, which is on the low end. He has been on on Fluconazole 205mg twice daily for just over a week now.

Back up a few of my roommate's dogs (Odin) was acting the same but had more severe symptoms and tested positive for VF with a higher tider (not exactly sure). I have read and been told that it can only be transferred via spores but what are the odds that Dexter got it later? They spend all day together and Dexter is constantly licking the inside of Odin's mouth (all up in there). Just kind of strange.

I have done some research on various supplements that can be given to help boost the immune system and help fight off the fungal infection. If anyone has recommendations or experience with these types of supplements/vitamins I would like to hear what you have to say. Currently Dexter is on fish oil and just recently started a 5 in 1 multivitamin which has some Vitamin C in it.


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From what I have heard of Valley Fever, dogs are very susceptible to it because they are one species that spend so much time sniffing the ground and digging thereby releasing more and more spores. I found this regarding supplements:

"Are there vitamins, nutritional supplements, or alternative therapies for pets with Valley Fever?
Most ill dogs could receive a pet multivitamin supplement safely and possibly with benefit to overall well-being. Vitamin C is often prescribed to be administered with ketoconazole. This aids absorption of the drug by helping to acidify the stomach and may also "boost" the dog's immune system. Use of the vitamin C should be checked with your veterinarian as high doses may cause gastrointestinal irritation.

Talk to your veterinarian about your dog's overall nutrition status and the nutritional goals you need to meet while your pet is ill. The more ill your dog, the more important it is to discuss this issue with your vet. Your veterinarian may have special recommendations, such as hand feeding or appetite stimulants, for dogs that are eating poorly or not at all with Valley Fever. In rare cases, placement of a feeding tube should be considered to meet the nutritional needs of patients that will eat nothing or nearly nothing.

Alternative therapies, such as herbs or acupuncture, have not been scientifically tested to treat Valley Fever. The majority of veterinarians to whom I have spoken use these therapies adjunctively with antifungal drugs to help support the dog's overall health and to improve function of the immune system. If you wish to pursue alternative treatments, this author recommends you consult a veterinarian trained in holistic medicine. These professionals are your best source of help."

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so sorry to hear Dexter has VF

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valley fever

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