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Applesmoms advise X 2.

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My first thought was burned pads. That happened to my girl, KayCee following her 2ed knee surgery. She had been so inactive for solong and we took her and Hunter for a walk when she was cleared. Had gone about 1/2 mile and she started to limp. We thought she had gotten sticker burs as there were a lot in the field along side the road. Looked but couldn't find any. She started limping so bad on all feet that hubby carried her home.

This was in late April and it had never occured to us that her fee had gone "soft" or that the black top road would be so hot. I felt like a total idiot and fet so bad for her. I used aloe vera gel on her feet.

Just a side note--a vcouple fo years ago a couple were actually arrested for dog abuse. They had gone to the beach and left their ogs tied in th back of their pick-up and according to the paper, the dogs "pads were burned off". I serioulsy doubt they wre truly "burned off" but that is the way the paper described it. I just turned my stomach to think of those two dog tied in ther with that hot texas sun beating down on the metal bed of the truk and the ogs had no way of getting off it.
Hunter...forever in my heart
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Originally Posted by lianne&joe View Post
Thanks everyone The skin underneath the peeling bits is fine, black, no redness, open wounds, soreness or anything.

Applesmom, my oh put something on the grass in the back garden, it said to keep children and dogs off until watered in, which we did, I'm now wondering if it hadn't all gone Although with all this rain, I'dve thought it'd gone by now.

Last night he was nibbling his irritated pads I'm hoping it was just because it's annoying him as it's the fresh peelings, not the first big one. I've had another feel today and he just lay there so don't *think* they're sore etc.

I'll take a look at the products suggested, thankyou.
A few weeks ago my grandson, put down granules in my front yard to feed the lawn and trees, then he watered it lightly. At that time he reminded me more than once to be sure that none of us stepped on it in our bare feet until all the granules were dissolved, which would be about two weeks. Direct contact with the moist granules could cause burns. We didn't even think about the feral cats before he applied it. It wasn't until a cat stepped onto the lawn that I thought to ask if it could have the same effect on their feet if they stepped in it. and he said it was possible. Shortly after that I noticed a couple of the cats walking gingerly as if their feet might be tender. Since they're feral, I couldn't pick them up to check their feet, but they all seem to be okay now.

It's sad that poor Joe had to go through this; but your sharing of his experience provides a timely reminder to all of us that it pays to be aware of the surfaces our dogs are walking on at all times, and in all seasons.

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Udder or bag balm works wonders on skin also
Some unfortunate people don't have a dog to talk to.

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