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Talking Funny Video on AccuWeather today

Evidently it's very hot in South Carolina so when a couple came home they couldn't find their dog.... They finally found him INSIDE the ice maker.
It was a stand alone type and there he was! On top of the ice
He was all white with heavy fluffy fur. Sort of like a husky.
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Smart dog. We have been getting cool weather with lots of rain which is good as far as we have not had the forest fires but last year they did not really start till July so a while to go yet. Just means more puddles for the mosquitos to hatch out in and they have been really bad this year.

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I would have liked to have seen that. Since I get sick if in AC verylong, we have not run ours in over 20 years. Have doors and windows op, ceiling fans and a couple of fans that sit on the floor. Sir Moose likes tolay within a foot of one of them. Or in the cool sand under the cedar tree. Brings in enough sand toplant a garden insdie!
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