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This seems like a good place to ask:

I am considering getting seat belts for my dogs and was wondering if anyone had suggestions.

I want the dogs to be able to sit and laydown for certain. Standing is okay, but not required.

I need something that fits the dogs comfortably, but is tough and secure. Moree has chewed through harnesses in a few hours of unsupervised time, and can get a gentle leader off in the time takes me to put Smokey's on, or during the first five minutes of the walk.

Neither of my cars is big enough to hold crates for my dogs, so that's not an option. We've only done one long road trip with the dogs - Seattle to Reno, straight through. In general, they did really good. Moree layed down and slept, and Smokey sat and looked out the window, until he saw something exciting, when he tried to come in to the front seat. But I worried every time we had to break harder than usual.

Short car trips are actually worse, as they never get a chance to settle down and trample each other, or get leashes caught around legs, etc.

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Im glad someone brought up Air travel.

I agree, CALL the airlines, every airlines has different prices/policies regarding flying with pets.

Also you may need a Health Certificate to travel depending on where you are going and what airlines you take. Obviously you need a HC when flying internationally, but sometimes you need them for domestic travel as well!!

Ive been flying back and forth from LA to NY for years, and i always use my regular Sherpa carrier. Dont be fooled by Petco saying you need to buy a special bag to carry a dog on a plane.

Just my 2 cents

Originally Posted by PomPuppyGrrl View Post
ALWAYS BOOK PLANE TICKETS ON THE PHONE! This way you can ask in full detail about bringing your pup along! It also may be the determining factor as to which airline you will be taking.

I picked DELTA AIRLINES. They allowed and offered larger carry-on cases and bags for your dogs. At PETCO you can find two official air-line carry-on bags for your dogs. [They will even list which airlines preappoved them!]

Book EARLY MORNING flights. It is recommended that your dog does not drink or eat prior to travel. On the flight supply light water. Mid-way supply a light snack. After the flight attempt to immediately take them to a place where they can relieve themselves.

Tiny blatter? No problem. Fast water and food then after the flight give them 1/2 pedialite and 1/2 water mix. Also give them NutriCal paste, this will supply all the vitamins they missed during fasting.

The previous is recommended for TOY/SMALL dogs 8 weeks of age or older.

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