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Default Info: Puppy Chewing

Is your puppy chewing you out of house and home? It doesn't have to be that way!

Puppies are born to chew! However their desire to chew anything and everything they can get their mouths on can be simply and easily re-directed with a little time, effort and consistency! The re-direction will only work if the puppy is constantly supervised until you're sure he understands completely and has no relapses.

I don't claim to be an expert! But after reading so many posts about destructive dogs, I've come to the conclusion that I must have done something right over the years in regards to teaching my dogs not to chew things they shouldn't. Here's how I trained my dogs to know what they could and couldn't chew...

From the moment the puppy is brought into the household, have several chew toys on hand at all times. Every time the puppy begins to chew on something he shouldn't; tell him, "leave it", as you gently take the article from him and replace it with a chew toy. Some puppies will loose interest in chewing that object and show no interest in the chew toy you offer them.

At this point it's your job to make the new object appealing and fun. During this phase of training I used pre-chewed Nylabones with the chewed ends lightly coated with p-nut butter or bacon grease; a taste puppies can't resist. The moment the puppy took the Nylabone; they were rewarded with enthusiastic praise.

Throughout the day whenever they would begin chewing on the Nylabone on their own, I'd praise them again in a happy voice; usually saying something silly such as: "what have you got; such a good booooy, are you playing with your toy" etc!

This method requires constant supervision and can become frustrating even tiring, as puppies can usually manage to find dozens of strange objects through the course of a day to put in their mouths; and you have to be right there each and every time to make the switch. However the training only takes a short time before the pup learns that he is free to chew on his own toys whenever he wants, but only his own toys.

With this method there are no corrections necessary, you're teaching a new command, "leave it", which could possibly save his life someday if he attempts to pick up something dangerous. And you've taught him the "good habit" of chewing only on permitted items.

If you're 100 percent consistent with this method; the training is usually complete by the time they're past the teething stage.

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Great share


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