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Originally Posted by proud_pitbull_parent View Post
Garlic is highly toxic and dangerous to dogs! It causes anemia when used for prolonged periods of time. DO NOT USE GARLIC! The benefits do NOT outway the risks!!!
I'm sorry, but with respect to this thread, this is a gross overstatement. A teaspoon of garlic distributed in over 10 pounds of food is not in the least toxic. First, garlic is less toxic than onion, containing less of the n-propyl-disulfide that causes Heinz body anemia in dogs. A dog would have to eat about 0.5% of its bodyweight in onion, all at once, for the anemia to be detectable, and even more of garlic. For the teaspoon of garlic to be even marginally toxic, it would have to be eaten all at once by a dog weighing 2.7 pounds or less. Distributed throughout the food, for these satin balls to be toxic, the dog would have to be impossibly small.

There is no risk in this recipe. A review of past discussions of garlic and onion wil reveal that I discourage feeding garlic and onions as a rule, and certainly, the garlic can be omitted from this recipe, but to suggest that it is highly toxic in the quantity specified in this recipe would be incorrect.
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