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Old 04-25-2008, 01:23 PM   #11
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Hi! Its easy to do a recall training on your dog. What you need is to trained him everyday without fear. I used to trained my cocker every hr at least for 5 mins. And u'll be surprise and see the improvement and changes in your dog. Happy trying and happy training. Until now i still never give up training him at home and also played with his whenever i have time.

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I think I am going to try to start working on this again. I am, however, very discouraged by "many months" of changing our "off-lead" walks to those on a 200' lead or something. I really don't see how I can otherwise slowly transition from an outdoor recall with no distractions to dropping Lexi instantly out of full-on "say hi"-drive. Maybe it is a prerequisite to temper or eliminate those excited states first?

I'm also wondering how with these instructions you move from a 100% reliable recall that happens when your dog feels like it to an instant response. Don't you need to start upping the reaction-speed requirement? The whole point is that you need to save your dog from imminent danger (about to go into the street), so it must be instant, right?

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Originally Posted by skunkstripe View Post
I hope it is ok to add something here. Sometimes it can be helpful to give a command when the dog is already doing what you want him to do. You can reinforce the "come" command by playing chase. The key is, instead of trying to chase your dog (which won't work because they can run much faster), get hims to chase you. If you are in a large enough area that is safe, run AWAY from your dog and call his name. If he is a normal dog, he will join in the game and chase after you. That is a good time to say "come" since he will now associate something fun (playing chase) with running towards you when you say "come".

My Greyhound Lab Dusty looks just like the white dog that flashes underneath your forum name. If didn't know better I would think it was her

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We used the falling down trick at the shelter/clinic I worked at.
One owner's dog got away from her and she collapsed on the ground (scaring the crap out of me because I thought she was hurt) and her dog came flying back to see what was wrong.

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