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Old 09-22-2014, 01:26 PM   #1
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Unhappy Puppy is becoming distant

I have a a 5 month old boxer/Pitt. She has never been super clingy or cuddly but she used to follow me around, sit in my lap and she would snuggle me, just not a whole lot. The last few weeks, she's been distant, she doesn't really want to sit with me and some nights, she doesn't even want to sleep with me. It's really hard cause this dog is my child and my whole world. We moved to a new place and my boyfriend is gone (he went to rehab). Since all that has happened is when she changed. I'm not sure if she's confused about all the changes and she misses my boyfriend (it's equally his dog too) or if it's a phase she's going through, or even the type of dog it is. Can anyone tell me what might be going on and if there's anything I could be doing wrong or what I could do to make her love me more again.

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Welcome Dilly, we're glad to have you join us and I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your dog. I think you may be very right about the possible cause for your dog's behavior, I'm sure she still loves you but she has been through several big changes and she may be trying to figure things out in her own way. If she was very bonded with your boyfriend, she may well be missing him and not yet secure in your new home. I think I would give it some time and try to up her exercise level a bit by taking her on additional walks and engaging her in play with some new toys and treats while you are at home with her.
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Dilly, welcome to the forum. JGLI gave you some good advice with which I agree. Good luck with your pup. Please post updates and photos of your pup.

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Dilly, welcome to the Forum! I have to agree with JGLI. It could be your pup is really missing your boyfriend. I'd give her lots of extra love and attention, and just give her some time.

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Something else to think about. You say she doesn't want to sit, snuggle or sleep with you. What does the daily interaction between the two of you consist of? Are you working with her daily on basic obedience, socialization and exercise? Is she actually avoiding all attempts at closeness or does she just reach a point where she says "enough" and walks away? Many dogs are more independent and are perfectly content to just be in the same room as their owners and have a good play or pet now and then, others seem to want to crawl into their owners skin they cling so close. Your pup is now past the puppy stage of needing constant reassurance and she could just be developing her own more independent personality.

Another thought. Did your boyfriend have more active interaction with her than you do? If that were the case it's also possible that she's missing the more active times too.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. It does sound as if your dog is responding to the big changes in her life. Lots of good advice already given. Give her lots more fuss, attention and activities. Hopefully she will settle into your new home and routine soon.

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Is your Bf coming back after rehab? It's possible that she knows there is someone missing from your home and that has affected her some what so may be what your Bf used to do is no longer there so prehaps include some of the things your Bf did with her till he comes back! Please keep us updated on her progress!
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boxerpitt, confused, distant, puppy

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