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Default Intro and future dog adopter questions

Future dog owner here. I want to adopt a couple of dogs after me and my son move into a house and are fully settled in. I do work full time (single parent) so I am planning on two so that they won't be alone while we are out of the house.

First question: Better to get two from the start? I am a new dog owner (more or less, it's been many years and the last were outside dogs my parents owned) and want everything to go as smoothly as possible. I am planning on a couple of little guys, a couple of years old. The area I am moving too has a few options for adoption agencies.

Second: I'd love any recommendations for new owner resources. I am still a few months out, but I want to be well read and ready when the time comes.

Third: I saw one site mentioning taking said new dogs to the petstore when buying new stuff. Does this seem like a good idea or something stressful? In the past I've always been all setup before taking on a new animal. All of my pets in the past have been caged animals though (rodents, fish, and reptiles), so a bit of a different world.

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