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Originally Posted by Sonata View Post
Thanks, Applesmom. I've been studying several of the Bichon family (including the Bichon itself), but haven't yet looked into the L÷wchen or the Maltese. Maybe I'll do so.

I originally had my eye on getting an adult dog for just the reasons you suggested. But I was warned very strongly by several people (including you, I think!), that rescue dogs are a risk since you don't know anything about their backgrounds. Hmmm, caught between a rock and a hard place.

Your info was interesting, but I'd read much of it already on different sites. I guess I was looking for some direct comparisons, more than descriptive blurbs. Such as "breed A is a bit noisier," "breed B gets more cranky in old age," "breed C is a bit heavier," "breed D is happy in small living places," etc.

The only one of those with whom I've had personal experience is the Bolognese. We got along fabulously!
It seems that you know exactly what you are looking for in a dog. Since that's the case, the breed rescues would be your best bet. If you contact the breed rescue rather than a shelter, you'll have a much better chance of finding a dog with the temperament and attributes you're looking for.

Not necessarily because they know more about the individual background of a particular dog; but because they have much more experience with that breed They should also be better prepared to recommend the right dog for you as well as provide future support if necessary . Most of those who work in breed rescue would be more than happy to share their personal experiences with the breed with anyone who shows an interest.

Hope you find the perfect dog for yourself just as I did when I found Greta through her breed rescue.

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