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Thanks, Applesmom. I've been studying several of the Bichon family (including the Bichon itself), but haven't yet looked into the L÷wchen or the Maltese. Maybe I'll do so.

I originally had my eye on getting an adult dog for just the reasons you suggested. But I was warned very strongly by several people (including you, I think!), that rescue dogs are a risk since you don't know anything about their backgrounds. Hmmm, caught between a rock and a hard place.

Your info was interesting, but I'd read much of it already on different sites. I guess I was looking for some direct comparisons, more than descriptive blurbs. Such as "breed A is a bit noisier," "breed B gets more cranky in old age," "breed C is a bit heavier," "breed D is happy in small living places," etc.

The only one of those with whom I've had personal experience is the Bolognese. We got along fabulously!

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