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Default DogForum Surprise! Monthly Contest

In order to spice up the boring ol' random this or that contest, is happy to announce our new Surprise! Random contest, starting in March 2008.

The way is works is that each month, we will make one 'normal' random selection among the members who have made at leasts 5 posts in the previous month, and one 'merit based' selection for someone who has contributed an outstanding work to one of the following content areas:
  • Posts (in any thread during the prize month)
  • FAQs (an approved FAQ submitted during the prize month)
  • Blogs (a new blog or an entry in an existing one during the prize month)

What do winners get? Each winner will receive a $25 cash prize, payed via PayPal (and perhaps additional goodies depending on what we work up for a given month). The more areas you contribute to, the better your chances of winning. You could be particularly lucky and be selected to win both prizes!

The only stipulations are -
  1. You must actively contribute within a selected area in the fashion described above during a contest month to be eligible (e.g. to be eligible for the FAQ prize, you must post one or more new FAQs to the site; leaving comments on another FAQ, while certainly appreciated, does not make you eligible for the prize).
  2. You may have a PayPal account to accept a cash prize, or you may designate a dog related charity that accepts online contributions via PayPal
  3. For one person to win two prizes in the same month, the prizes must be from different areas (e.g. if FAQs are selected twice, the same member cannot be selected as a winner for two different FAQs)
  4. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks of being announced
Winners will be selected within the first week of each month. Be sure to check this thread each month to see if you are one of the lucky winners.
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This Month's Winner! The Surprise! Monthly Contest has been announced.
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