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Old 11-10-2009, 04:37 PM   #21
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Well, I learned something today. As far as I know we don't have Alaskan Huskies in Australia only Siberians. Not to say that some ppl have bred X's of the same breeds that make up the Alaskans.

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Old 11-11-2009, 01:57 AM   #22
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I've seen a few Siberians here in Australia too. It would be great to see an Alaskan Husky down here some time though.
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Old 11-15-2009, 10:25 AM   #23
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Cool AK's in AU? that would be neat!

it would be interesting to see AK huskies pull sleds in Australia! that would be so cool!

i don't think the breed has been popular in places that mushing & racing are not practiced. i've heard of them being taken all the way to the pacific northwest and even russia just for races, but then returning home after it's over. i do know that there are people who breed alaskan huskies in russia but the lines definately come from alaska. same with the pacific northwest, i know there are mushers there too.

but come to think of it, pictures of AK huskies sometimes look similar to pictures of dingoes i've seen.

seems they have a very similar body and fur type, but dingoes look to be much, much bigger though. it would be interesting to put come dingo blood in the line. i've heard of breeding wolves with AK huskies to create supirior lead dogs. i wonder if it would be the same with dingoes i don't know anything about them

AK husky:


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Old 02-02-2012, 07:49 AM   #24
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I have and Alaskan Husky and from my experience Alaskans are more mellow. oh sure Thor has his playful side, he'll chew on things (only the ones i tell him its ok to chew on), plays tug-o-war, doesnt quite understand the concept of fetch tho....i throw the object, he runs, finds it....leaves it there and then comes back to me. He listens rather well but you can easily tell he has his own mind. if i say his name in a certain tone he knows i dont want him to do something and he may not come to me right away, he makes it look like the reason he didnt do something is because he didnt want to not cuz i told him not to. lol never been cross with another dog, or a child and even gets along well with the cat! lol he's about 3yrs and the worst thing he does is get a wild hair and run out the door and sit next to my truck when/if he wants to go for a ride, i scold him with my voice n he looks down all sad and understands he was bad. lol no barking, no digging, he'll talk to you if he is excited, doesnt jump the fence (thank god!), and follows me everywhere! Cries if i leave and dont bring him with me. lol Only jumps up when told to give hugs. Doesnt lick, except for hands sometimes when he wants to show love.

I just dont understand the "big deal" about the pure bread thing. so Alaskans are an off breed, rather new from what i understand. A bit of a mixing pot of a few breeds at the start. Ha, sounds like Americans!! lol But he's a good boy and thats what matters, blood lines dont make good dogs. good dogs do!

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Old 02-02-2012, 01:38 PM   #25
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I love any Husky !!
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Old 02-10-2012, 02:17 PM   #26
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speaking of Huskies, when I was at Animal Control last weekend getting George's replace tag I went and checked out the dogs up for adoption. There were 3 Huskies and some other dog whose breed I didn't know. I felt so bad for the Huskies because they were filthy and barking. There was one in particular that just gave me that look and he barked at me. I was so heartbroken but I couldn't just adopt him and bring him home with me. I'm guessing dogs that wind up in Animal Control are on death row and will be put to sleep I've wondered if Animal Control ever brings their dogs to the Animal Humane Society rather than put the dogs to sleep. Seems more humane to try and find a home for them.

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