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Thanks for the advice folks, I've been studying the Defra site and the only thing I'm )confused about is the breed restrictions...

Now hubby is suggesting that his friend would be a good option to care for Sophie next month. The pluses are that he lives alot closer than friend number two and he has a toy dog ( compared to friend twos ridgeback who is quite a bit more reserved and less playful than Sophie) A toy dog might be better with her, at the park she acts very maternal around littler dogs.

This gentleman is also strong enough to manage her...ahem...rambunctious walking style...
Hello Bully!!!!

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The quarantine laws have changed to come into the UK now, as long as the dog is passported and has had necessary health checks and vaccinations they can enter the country - but sadly Sophie being a Pitbull would not be permitted here or in a few EU countries where Pitbulls and crosses are banned completely. There's no 'test' for being a pitbull beyond a visual one - literally a set of cursory criteria and measurements which causes a lot of problems for people and many dogs that aren't pitbulls but are deemed 'of type' have been seized and destroyed. I would not risk trying to bring her in to the UK. The BSL here is a nightmare for dog owners with staffy crosses and bullbreed types.

Personally I wouldn't want to put a dog through the trauma of flying for a holiday, I would rather leave them safely in kennels or with a friend I trusted. We went to Australia last year and a friend stayed in our home to care for my dogs. We missed them dreadfully of course, but they were happy and safe with our friends in their own home.

We do prefer to holiday with the dogs if we can hence we travel around the UK a lot We are thinking of taking them to France soon but they'll be able to travel in the car to Europe with hopefully only 1-2 hours at the ferry crossing where they'll have to be left in the car so we'll be with them most of the time. We were going to go as a bigger group but Shabba (staffordshire bull terrier) it appears would not be allowed into France as she has no papers to prove her breeding.

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