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  1. What do you do different (if anything) for your older dog?
  2. Picky eater
  3. Hard time making the decision
  4. Senior dog in pain
  5. What's happening to my 15 year old lab?
  6. How old is this dog (teeth)?
  7. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction?
  8. An old dog's prayer
  9. I need advice for my elderly dog
  10. Senior German Shepherd Scared of Beagle Puppy Barking
  11. The Zenster
  12. Times are tough
  13. 14 year arthritic dog with dental issues
  14. Thought of the day
  15. Weight Loss in a Senior Mixed breed
  16. Incontinence?..turns out to be diabetes
  17. Hot Spots
  18. Close to being time?
  19. Long Memory????
  20. Lucy down to 2 meals a day
  21. Is Lucy trying to tell me something?
  22. I am a worry wort
  23. Sally
  24. I think Lucy is deaf
  25. Identified a 5th breed
  26. Worried again
  27. Eating less
  28. Casey
  29. MacKenzie and his new lead!
  30. Need Help finding the right lift assist!
  31. Tips on Feeding Older Dogs
  32. Another Lucy Question
  33. Starting IV therapy maybe
  34. Had to wake up Lucy for our walk
  35. Happy Birthday, Twilite Zen
  36. Help finding senior dog rescue here.
  37. Lucy getting up in the middle of the night for a drink
  38. A First in 6 years!
  39. Price diff vet/on line vendors
  40. Lucy not eating
  41. How To Know It Is Time
  42. Intoducing My Attempts with the 'new' camera
  43. Arthritis Pain
  44. When Is It Time
  45. Is my dog old or poorly
  46. Lucy update
  47. Keep Lucy in your thoughts this evening PDT
  48. Lucy doing Okay Now
  49. Cassidy! look here!
  50. My Girl Chassie
  51. Senior Schnauzer with Cancer
  52. Celebrating My Seniors
  53. Chewing Problems
  54. Tail not wagging on walks today and 2 other things
  55. CosCo Hip & Joint plus
  56. Socializing a Senior dog
  57. Senior dog changes?
  58. <Sigh> Am I up for this?
  59. The Look on Lucy's face!
  60. How is Gus?
  61. Gus not doing well
  62. Old age questions?
  63. Lucy Tired, Cut short walk
  64. My dog tore a ligament.
  65. UTI or incontinence
  66. Water Bowls Solutions...?
  67. Let's talk old dogs, arthritis/joint issues, & doggie beds
  68. For those dealing with incontinence...
  69. Tasha you naughty senior!
  70. Eating Dirt and bark dust
  71. Are you allowed to sleep in?
  72. Lucy not eating today
  73. Gus has Spring Fever...
  74. Separation anxiety at 11?
  75. A Change for the better!
  76. Sigh...Dusty needs wheels
  77. Soft kibble?
  78. Gus and his pain
  79. Old Gus's Antics
  80. Lucy is a pure bred!
  81. Older dogs more demanding of attention?
  82. Teaching an old dog a new 'trick'
  83. Senior dog Question
  84. Joint care in older dogs
  85. Old boy did it again
  86. Rescuing elderly dogs
  87. Need advice on older dog
  88. Cosamin
  89. Symptoms of a stroke
  90. Older dogs smaller meals?
  91. Senior Pitbull 11 years old in need of rescue
  92. Help! Radical change in behaviour.
  93. Senior Vitamins ?
  94. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (cross posted with permission)
  95. Odd dog mole?
  96. Help With Symptoms
  97. Adopting an older dog?
  98. Weimaraner 13yrs stumbles occasionally
  99. Arthritis in 8 year old dobermann
  100. Elderly Dog bowel problem
  101. Older dogs
  102. How do you know when it's time to let go?
  103. Non-prescription arthritis medication?
  104. Questions about blindness
  105. Hip Dysplasia - Serious Help Needed
  106. Old dog - health problems
  107. Elderly dog - advice needed
  108. I think Luke is nearing the end
  109. My Husky & Rimadyl :( - Need Advice
  110. Should I...can I...euthanise?
  111. Older pets need care for geriatric ailiments
  112. Previcox
  113. Please help - Lymphoma
  114. He only has until the 19th HELP!!
  115. Help for my old dog...!
  116. Older Dog is Wobbly
  117. Advice Needed 14-yr old lame dog
  118. 14-yr-old with diarrhea, please help
  119. Japan plans nursing home for dogs
  120. Healthcare for an older dog? what to think of?
  121. Need advice on a poor old dog
  122. Crate Training and Older Dogs
  123. What are final stages of cushings
  124. Ludmilla is poorly
  125. Elderly dog wont eat
  126. This is so sad....
  127. New senior dog won't leave crate
  128. Boxer With Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome (ODVS)