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  1. Our new puppy and trying to determine breed
  2. My mini-gsd looking dog :) what cross you reckon?
  3. What breeds do you see in this pretty shelter girl.
  4. Hi, been a while
  5. What breed do you think?
  6. What breed could she be?
  7. I need to identify what kind of dog my dog was...Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Help identify my puppy dog
  9. Rescue puppies.. What breed are they?
  10. What breed is my dog ?? please help
  11. New dog, pound called him a Husky. Are they right?
  12. What am I (for a friend)
  13. What could my puppy be?
  14. Guess this one
  15. Updated pic of my dog, we still don't know what breed he is.
  16. Anyone with a guess what breeds are in my Buzer?
  17. Breed Debate
  18. Hello - I need to double check something.
  19. What am I??
  20. Mystery Dog
  21. Can some one help? (breed identification)
  22. Adopted an adorable puppy!! Guesses on breed??
  23. A mystery dog from 40 years ago!!!
  24. Think it's safe to say, I'm totally obsessed...
  25. What is he?
  26. Bought a Chocolate Lab, Vet says shes mixed, looking for input?
  27. Breeds in the mix
  28. Was thinking part pointer/lab but not sure?
  29. What is this dog?
  30. Just got This Pup
  31. What breed is this?
  32. Do YOU know my sweet puppy's breed?
  33. What Breed(s) does my dog look to be mixed with?
  34. New owner, what mix am I?
  35. Aside from ADORABLE, what do you think she is??
  36. ...Need the Breed...
  37. Help! What Breed am I?
  38. Shelter dog, pointer and something else?
  39. P.O.E. - Rose
  40. Breed guesses??
  41. Shelter dog - breed guess?
  42. What breed and sex is my sister's dog?
  43. Not sure how to answer...
  44. What breed is this dog?
  45. Can you tell me what kind of dog I have?
  46. My corgi mixed with what?
  47. What type of dog is my Bella
  48. Official breed = Little black dog... unless you know better ;)
  49. Please help with this breed
  50. What type(s) of dog was my childhood dog?
  51. Dog breed? Muppet?
  52. Rescued Dog- What breed do you think?
  53. Another Breed Guess
  54. New Mystery Dog
  55. New dogs. (I wonder what breeds?)
  56. Labrador X
  57. Breed Guesses Welcome
  58. Question on Harley's breed!
  59. Where do his spotted feet come from?
  60. What breed(s) is my new puppy?
  61. Newf X Rhodesian ? Input on ID
  62. Guesses on stray's pups?
  63. What in the world is Sam?
  64. Wondering what's she mixed with?
  65. Identify My Foster Dog Plz
  66. Is this dog a Dingo?
  67. This Rescue Mutt ...
  68. What the heck am I?
  69. I am sure you can't guess Ricky's ancestry!
  70. Take some guesses on Molli's breed.
  71. What is milo!
  72. Medium white fluffy dog - what is she?
  73. Type dog in Benefil comercial (US)
  74. What do you think he is?
  75. What mix
  76. Mutt Help
  77. What breed is this puppy..
  78. What breed could this one be?
  79. No idea on this breed mix!
  80. New here, need help identifying shelter dog
  81. Wilma
  82. GSD/Anatolian/Mastiff?
  83. Any ideas on this guy?
  84. Need help with breed!
  85. Need help with ID
  86. What kind of dog is this one?
  87. What is Pandora?
  88. Is he a Mini Aussie or Aussie/Border mix, opinions?
  89. What breed is this little guy?
  90. Sheplvr can you help...
  91. Molly, a little of this and that.
  92. Mystery challenge
  93. Can Anyone Tell Me What Breed Is This?
  94. What's he mixed with?
  95. Guess what breed my dogs are!
  96. What is Bruce?
  97. Dog Breed Guesses?
  98. Mastiff Photo
  99. What breeds is my mixed breed dog?
  100. What kind of dog are these?
  101. New foster - Schipperke or mutt?
  102. My dog Riley, don't know what he is..
  103. Identify my puppy please. I don't know!
  104. Lab And ? Mix
  105. What Breed Is Our Best Friend?
  106. Quinn, what breed?
  107. Confused about Mastiff Cross!
  108. What breed is this Dog ?
  109. Can anyone identify this breed?
  110. Another "What breeds am I" post
  111. These dogs are Shepherd mixed with....? (PS: they are super cute :)
  112. Hi All, what mix might she be?
  113. Another breed guess - a brindle Shar Pei (or purebred Road Ditch Doggie)!
  114. New photos of my Corgi mix. Mixed with WHAT, though?
  115. Any Idea what my Cross is mix off?
  116. Do you know this breed
  117. GS Pointer cross something? Any ideas?
  118. Anybody have an idea what my rescue pup has in her?
  119. What do you think which cross is in it?
  120. What breed mix is this dog
  121. Long post but this is my dog.
  122. What would you label this guy on Petfinder?
  123. Curiosity's got me!
  124. Just out of curiosity
  125. Is this a Pom?
  126. What breed is my puppy?
  127. Help with Paws's breeds?
  128. Can you guess?
  129. What Breed Is This Dog?
  130. What do you think she's mixed with?
  131. What breed is my puppy?
  132. Help, what breed or breeds do you think he is?
  133. 10 month old guessing game
  134. Guesses please? Labradoodle? Water Spaniel? Mutt? lol
  135. What breed is this one my oh my?
  136. What Mix Is He?
  137. Do You Think This Is A Purebreed?
  138. What kind of dog is this?
  139. Possible Rat Terrier?
  140. Mystery Puppy
  141. Another what breed is this.
  142. Guess the breeds!
  143. Need help identifying my pup's breed.
  144. Cant figure out my dogs breed
  145. Is this a German Shepherd?
  146. What is she.....
  147. Name the dogs.....
  148. Another 'Guess the Mix'!
  149. How about naming this one?
  150. What is this dog bred like:?
  151. Here is another to guess the mix of and the winner is:
  152. Can you name this mix breed of purebreds each side?
  153. What mix is this dog?
  154. What cross is this dog of?
  155. Guess this mix: Two different dogs
  156. Is this for sure 80% german shepherd?
  157. What breed of dog is Jasper? :|
  158. Another guess the mix!
  159. Help! (identify breed)
  160. Guess the mix: Ebony
  161. A tough guess the mix!
  162. Guess the mix!
  163. What breed of dog is this?
  164. What do you think she's crossed with?
  165. Guess The Breed
  166. What breeds do you think he is?
  167. Need help identifying my dog
  168. Identify this dog?
  169. What breed is Shandy?
  170. Take a guess - three-way mix
  171. Anyone hazard a guess? Patterdale/Lakeland
  172. Rescue cross breed - help please!
  173. What breed is my puppy?
  174. Zeus: What is he made of?
  175. What breed is my dog?
  176. Pug crossed with?
  177. What breed or x is my dog?
  178. What breed is this dog?
  179. Help Needed In Identifying This Pup!
  180. I need help identifying this breed
  181. Another "what do you think she is"?
  182. What breed is she ?
  183. What do you think she is? *Pictures*
  184. What kind of puppies are these?
  185. What kind of dog do you think I am
  186. Help with breed ID please!
  187. What is Cody mixed with?
  188. Help identifying his mix?
  189. Need help identifying unknown mix
  190. Please help! What is her breed?
  191. Guess her breed
  192. Do you know breeds they are?
  193. Wondering what her mix is
  194. What's his mix?
  195. Need help identifying Terry
  196. What Breed Of Dog Is This Mix Of?
  197. Guess these breeds?
  198. Help Me . What Am I Lol
  199. Any thoughts on breeds? (Pic heavy)
  200. What do you think my dog is.....
  201. What's in this little fella?
  202. Could someone help identify the breed?
  203. Can anyone let me know this breed?
  204. Guess my breed!
  205. Can you identify this breed?
  206. Any guesses what kind of puppy I just got. Another breed question
  207. What kind of dog is this?
  208. What's our girl made of?
  209. What kind of dog do I have
  210. Guess my mix?!
  211. What breed is this dog?
  212. What breed(s) is THIS dawgy? (Pic heavy!!)
  213. Help Identify my Brother's Dog!
  214. What breed is in this dog
  215. What kind of dog is she?
  216. Can anyone help with breed identification?
  217. What's my dog's breed?
  218. Idea on Pup's Breed
  219. what breed do you think he is?
  220. I have a mystery dog...
  221. What breed is Miley?
  222. Can you identify this dog breed?
  223. Please HELP Identify This Mixed Breed
  224. Another guessing game
  225. Dumped puppy - what is he?
  226. What kind of dog is this?
  227. Please help identify the breed!
  228. Can you name this breed?
  229. Curious as to what my little buba might be
  230. What mix is my dog?
  231. Another round of "name that breed"!
  232. Not sure what the Breed is?
  233. Help identifying puppy!
  234. Can anyone help me Identify Yogi
  235. Doberman Cross?
  236. Coulda ya help me with my dogs breed?
  237. Please help identify this orphan
  238. What breed is my dog?
  239. What do you think she's mixed with?
  240. Cross breed puppy - Do you know what he is?
  241. What kind of Dog is this?
  242. What mix is my Sparky?
  243. Guess the breeds?
  244. Pics of Lady - What mix do you think?
  245. Need help to identify stray
  246. What breed is this?
  247. Someone please tell me what kind of dog this is
  248. Who is my lady
  249. What is this lil fella?
  250. What Breed is Maggie??