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  1. Brain scan confirm our dogs can read our emotions
  2. Your dog knows how you feel
  3. Row over Corgis
  4. Talk to your dog
  5. Dogs see the world with their powerful noses
  6. Dog aquatic center
  7. Just how well can dogs smell things...
  8. Dogs separated at adoption randomly find each other
  9. It's coming!
  10. Raw chicken linked to paralysis in dogs
  11. Dogs need vacations....
  12. Why dogs eat poop, new study
  13. Dog owners would rather be with pets than friends, study suggests
  14. Dogs speaking "human"
  15. Raw pet food trend risks E.coli and Salmonella in owners - new study
  16. Britain's biggest rescue dog 'could grow to the size of a tiger
  17. 15 of the most famous dogs....
  18. Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats?
  19. Your dog loves it when you smile
  20. Humans love dogs more than people
  21. It take experience for a dog to learn who the good people are
  22. Dogs are more expressive when you are looking at them
  23. California pet stores must sell only rescues
  24. Study cites two hormones for dog aggression
  25. New Study points to unexpected benefits of rabies vaccination in dogs
  26. Why does my dog follow me around?
  27. Oxytocin linked to dog social skills
  28. How dogs see
  29. African dogs "vote" by sneezing
  30. Sleeping with your dogs
  31. What It's Like to be a Dog
  32. "The test was bogus"
  33. Army vet buys plane to transport shelter dogs
  34. Pictures of KayCEe
  35. Dogs range of emotions
  36. Health consequences of selectively breeding German Shepherds
  37. Weiner dog race
  38. Why are dogs so friendly?
  39. These states have the fattest pets
  40. Why dogs are afraid of fireworks
  41. Bone sniffing dogs to search for Amelia Earhart
  42. What do dogs dream about?
  43. Dogs must be in bags! (on NY subways)
  44. Rawhide recall
  45. Stop stereotyping dogs
  46. Fair play and dogs
  47. Why do dogs tilt their heads?
  48. Gene identified for brachycephalic dogs
  49. Fidget spinners and pets
  50. China to end dog meat festival
  51. Probably more than you ever wanted to know about dog pee :-)
  52. What is your dog trying to say to you?
  53. How popular is your dog's name
  54. Cues that precede bites/attacks
  55. People choose their dog over ....
  56. Yawning may promote social bonding in dogs and humans
  57. Dogs Prefer Advice From People Who Actually Have the Answers
  58. Largest "family tree" of dogs established
  59. Train too much and the dog won't remember
  60. Dogs responding to TV
  61. Program helps dogs stay in their forever homes
  62. How much do cats and dogs remember?
  63. Dogs Are Much Better Than We Knew at Reading Human Thoughts
  64. Dogs most likely to run away?
  65. Amazon drones and dogs
  66. "Could No Kill Shelters be policy by 2025?"
  67. World's rarest and most ancient dog rediscovered
  68. Dogs use deception to get what they want
  69. Bill to outlaw eating cats and dogs in US
  70. More people adopting old dogs
  71. Shelter dogs to replace ball boys
  72. Paw-ternity leave :D
  73. Three new dogs debut at Westminster
  74. Does America have enough dogs for all who want one?
  75. JFK's animal terminal is finally open
  76. New Puppy Law in UK
  77. Dogs share with other dogs
  78. 3 Special Needs Puppies to Appear in Puppy Bowl
  79. "Secret Service"dogs
  80. Retrieving warning
  81. Skin cancer cream warning
  82. Service dogs vs. emotional support dogs
  83. A "Feel Good" Story
  84. What dogs hear when we talk to them
  85. JFK's animal terminal
  86. Puppy Bowl
  87. Good for California!
  88. Tallest dog in the world
  89. BPA warning for canned dog food
  90. Stress Can Even Make The Dog Go Prematurely Gray
  91. 2016 Popular Dog Names
  92. Why do dogs do handstands to pee
  93. Dogs may have a type of memory once considered uniquely human
  94. Why do dogs have tails...
  95. What do your dogs gestures mean?
  96. Purina suit
  97. Why do dogs get bored with their toys...
  98. Dna clue to how dogs became our friends
  99. Dogs get cottages, not cages
  100. What do dogs dream about?
  101. Dogs too smart to follow useless advice
  102. Learning from dogs as they sniff out their world
  103. The 25 "loudest" dog breeds
  104. Can your dog tell time with his... nose?
  105. Rapamycin... could make your dog live longer
  106. Happy National Black Dog Day!
  107. A look at the Zoomies
  108. Just how smart are dogs?
  109. Montreal's new legislation takes aim at dog owners
  110. UK vets warning against purchasing "flat faced"dogs
  111. Most unusual insurance claims...!
  112. Behavioral therapy for dogs can help mental illness caused by abuse
  113. Couple builds massive bed for their dogs
  114. A look at docking and cropping
  115. What goes through a dog's mind when watching tv
  116. How dogs understand us.. video
  117. Giant dogs who still think they are puppies :-)
  118. First identical twins dogs
  119. Scientists confirm your dog knows what you are saying
  120. 7 Dog behaviors and what they mean
  121. Cost of dog ownership
  122. Wacky Pet Name Contest Results
  123. Ten Cities Where Dogs are Treated Better than Many People
  124. Dog days of summer
  125. Dogs would prefer a belly rub to a treat
  126. Do you know what your dog is saying to you?
  127. Meet Kiara! This Is So Sad
  128. Real Life Stories With Ranvir Singh ITV
  129. Dogs drive into Walmart
  130. The sad state of English Bulldogs
  131. Does a dog's emotional attachment change with age?
  132. This should make you smile :)
  133. Dogs tired of Pokemon Go
  134. Meet Jordan Video!
  135. Scientists have finally found a way to protect dogs from snake bites
  136. Pets can travel in style on the Queen Mary2
  137. How dogs sniff out diabetes on your breath
  138. Why study what dogs think?
  139. Things dogs have most commonly swallowed in the UK
  140. Synthetic dog used in veterinary training
  141. Last surviving 9-11 rescue dog dies
  142. Dogs may have been domesticated twice
  143. What do dogs dream about?
  144. Your dog doesn't trust you when you are angry
  145. Staffy Bull Attack in Dog Park
  146. A Couple Of Youtube Videos very happy endings
  147. Teaching dogs to talk
  148. Puppy Dealers Exposed-Panorama BBC 1 Tonight
  149. Family dog runs away... to day care :-)
  150. Dogs are ominvores
  151. A look at obesity in labs
  152. Choose The Right Puppy For You BBC 2
  153. Happy Mother's Day to All of Us Dog Moms
  154. Technology and service dogs
  155. Dogs eating peanut butter :D
  156. Thousands of "dangerous dogs" seized by UK police
  157. What do you think?
  158. UK dogs must be microchipped
  159. The Top Words People Say to Their Dogs
  160. Costa Rican Rescue Ranch
  161. Colorado looks to criminalize fake service dogs
  162. Why do dogs sigh?
  163. Cesar Millan investigated for animal cruelty
  164. Manufacturer withdraws from Crufts over "solar gate"
  165. Iditarod incident
  166. Street dogs become ball dogs
  167. Top 10 dog breeds in 2015
  168. What do dogs dream about..
  169. Music program calms shelter dogs
  170. Westminster Dog Show
  171. Facial recognition app
  172. Guide dog meets Pluto
  173. 9 Ways your dog says I love you
  174. Puppy Bowl time!
  175. Dog names from the 17th century
  176. Emotional support..."turkey"!
  177. AKC recognizes two new dog breeds
  178. Dogs know dogs
  179. Wonderful story.. a veteran and his dogs reunited
  180. Top dog names in 2015
  181. Elf dogs making toys video :-)
  182. Euthanization of dog is "unconstitutional"
  183. Dogs share food with their friends
  184. Scrapping the food guarding test
  185. Quebec recognizes dogs as "sentient beings"
  186. Why do dogs look at you while they poop?
  187. Mysteries of aging
  188. New law lets retired military dogs come home
  189. "Tiger" dogs
  190. NYC Hotel for dogs
  191. What your dog's bark means
  192. Man saves 30,000 stray dogs
  193. Rescue for dog in wombat hole
  194. Meet Goliath, the Adorable Calf That Thinks He's a Dog
  195. Why dogs tilt their heads
  196. Largest dog in the world?
  197. More evidence dogs help prevent asthma in kids
  198. The meaning of dog play
  199. 25th NYC Halloween Dog Parade
  200. Minneapolis opens pet food pantry
  201. More on origin and domestication of dogs
  202. Dogs that haven't made the best decisions :-)
  203. Why your dog is good business for apartment owners
  204. Chu ken Hachiko
  205. Riding the waves
  206. "A Special Place to Heal"
  207. Study show similarities and differences in gazing between humans and dogs
  208. Cloning dogs
  209. He ate what??
  210. "Shelter Me" on PBS
  211. 80 year old man takes stray dogs for train ride
  212. Dog stands guard for a week for trapped friend
  213. A Neighbor Dog Found Breastfeeding a 4yr Old Boy
  214. UK adopts 'ginger' colored dogs more quickly
  215. Anti-aging drug for dogs
  216. 9/11 rescue dog celebrates 16th birthday in NYC
  217. Mandatory Canine Encounter Training Bill
  218. BB8 and dogs
  219. New ice creams for dogs
  220. 10 Best and Worst Cities for Pet lovers
  221. Service dogs help disabled farmers
  222. Collars that monitor pain, vital signs, fever, etc.
  223. Tone of voice behavior study
  224. Adoptions of dogs with disabilities
  225. Smiley
  226. So very sad
  227. Dog evolution and the impact of climate change
  228. Vest gives service dog a "voice"
  229. AKC's new "Urban Canine Good Citizen"
  230. Rescue dogs protect agriculture
  231. Smart phones find lost dogs
  232. Shocking Video: 2 dogs maul cat in Birmingham street
  233. How dogs see the world?
  234. Overweight dogs the acceptable norm?
  235. "Cyber crime" sniffing dogs
  236. Who should pay?
  237. Dogs of New York
  238. Now Legal to Break Into Cars to Save Dogs n Tn
  239. How police keep their dogs safe in hot cars
  240. Stranger confronts owner of dogs left in hot car
  241. Duke Professor offering free onine course on dog psychology
  242. Gaze following
  243. Dogs snub people who are mean to their owners
  244. Older dogs in foster homes
  245. Hero service dog recovering
  246. "Dogs Playing For Life" a success at LI Shelter
  247. Goody's new legs
  248. "Cubed" and "Square" cuts for dogs
  249. Hot K9 campaign
  250. Blind Akita has two "seeing eye" dogs