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  1. Mr. Buddylee Has His Oil Changed.
  2. Lacys & friends enjoying a day out on the farm
  3. My Texas Blue Lacy dogs
  4. Off to the woods
  5. Holiday Pics of Rambo and Millie
  6. Mr. Buddylee and Tarzan Have Something In Common.
  7. Blakes Northern Ireland Adventures
  8. Mr. Buddylee Thinks About Meeting The Manatees.
  9. Csillag
  10. Nellie is nice when she is ASLEEP
  11. My boys
  12. Meet my Toy Puddle :D
  13. New years eve Buddy
  14. Happy New Year!
  15. As Promised....
  16. Yet another Katie win pic.
  17. Mr. Buddylee’s New Years’ Resolutions Include Lots of Fields.
  18. Christmas!
  19. Siberian or alaskan husky
  20. I want to wish you all a merry christmas...
  21. Mommy it's Christmas!!
  22. Happy Holidays!!!
  23. A Very Merry Christmas To All of You
  24. Sammi the Border Collie
  25. DOZER the Leonberger (11 weeks)
  26. GCH Redyre Extra Spicy, recent win photos
  27. Dogs getting ready for Christmas video
  28. Penny at Meet the Breeds
  29. Mr. Buddylee Spends Quality Time With An Ornament.
  30. Millie Cheesin'
  31. Good news for Chessie :D
  32. Sleeping Beauty
  33. Christmas haircut
  34. Mr. Buddylee Could Dig This Project.
  35. Meet Lexie when she was a puppy
  36. Blondie as a Puppy
  37. New pics of Rambo and Millie
  38. Good times at the dog Park
  39. Mr. Buddylee Wants The Whole Enchilada.
  40. Princess NEW winter jacket
  41. So I see.
  42. Aww shucks!
  43. Took Mikey to the park! *pics*
  44. I dare you not to say WOW....
  45. Redyre dogs enjoy a cool morning
  46. Mr. Buddylee: His Tenth Anniversary.
  47. Cody
  48. Akira.
  49. Emma.
  50. Zac
  51. Gus.
  52. Boscar.
  53. Mr. Buddylee With A Turkey.
  54. Happy Thanksgiving!
  55. Izzy in the new house!
  56. Anyone remember us?
  57. Mr. Buddylee: Bridge Inspector.
  58. Midnight reincarnated!
  59. Panda & Tilba
  60. Winner is.......
  61. Mr. Buddylee is a Screen Star (LCD).
  62. Oscar and Simba's Weekend Trip (photos)
  63. Dog Short Film :)
  64. Final round cutest pose!
  65. I'm back! Mikey Update!
  66. Mr. Buddylee Loves Fresh, Gulf Shrimp From Captain Art.
  67. My new pup Panda.
  68. Snow!
  69. Max at Halloween
  70. Mr. Buddylee: Not A Big Fan Of Slushy Snow!
  71. My doggie
  72. Cutest pose voting thread 4!
  73. Cutest Pose Voting thread 3!
  74. Cutest Pose, Voting thread 2!
  75. Cutest pose Voting thread 1!
  76. A Katie update!
  77. I didn't get into the garbage I swear!!
  78. Halloween Pics: Good, Bad, and Dainty
  79. Happy Halloween!
  80. My Doggies
  81. Mr. Buddylee Is Ready For His 1500 mile Ride.
  82. Millie's not sure about being in the truck bed.
  83. My little cheerleader
  84. Mr. Buddylee: Never Disturb A Sleeping Pirate!
  85. Funniest picture ever!
  86. Introducing Thorben
  87. Cutest pose, PHOTOCONTEST!
  88. Fast Agility Vid with Asher and Aslan
  89. Millie was glad to be back home after spending the weekend at the vet's office
  90. Mr. Buddylee And Helper, Two Cute!
  91. Showing off my handsome boy
  92. Sam got to 'kitten-sit'
  93. Entered Ranger in Halloween Contest
  94. Mr. Buddylee Is Sharing Personal Space With A Concrete Cat.
  95. Maybe a little over the top?
  96. Moo & Dozer
  97. My poor boy
  98. Halloween Pups
  99. Millie and her daddy
  100. Ruby before and after
  101. Mr. Buddylee: Starting to See Signs of Halloween!
  102. New pics of the big dawgs
  103. Monty, Remmy and Kiska
  104. A couple of new pics of Rambo
  105. Mr. Buddylee’s Live Chat Attracts the Crowds!
  106. Ranger in a Halloween Costume
  107. Lazy Dogs!!
  108. Sally the Schnauzer
  109. Pig attacks pitbull!
  110. Video I made of the dogs on Vacation
  111. Blake taking socks off
  112. Isis is growing up
  113. Mr. Buddylee, Terribly Misunderstood.
  114. Havok etc
  115. Three year old with Suesse
  116. What breed could she be?
  117. Sweet Millie
  118. Couple of new portraits
  119. Not around much, and so much happened
  120. More of Lucy
  121. Mr. Buddylee Knows His Nose Is Always In Control.
  122. Good visit with the vet
  123. Mr. Buddylee Thinks About Getting His Dogtorate Of Medicine.
  124. Kitty the 'Gatekeeper' (video of cat and dog)
  125. Perfect Technique
  126. Little Lucy's Car Bed
  127. Mr. Buddylee Can See Almost The Entire NH Seacoast From His Bench.
  128. Professional Agility Pics from this weekend
  129. Princess and her human best friend
  130. One old dog!!!
  131. Mr. Buddylee, Cautiously, Walks Over the Wiggly Bridge.
  132. Ren Fest Pet Fest!
  133. Mr. Buddylee Talks Two Young Guys Out Of Their High Top Sneakers.
  134. More KK
  135. What rescues are fighting for! (video)
  136. Mr. Buddylee Appreciates The Arts, But Not For Long.
  137. Katie update
  138. Dog tucks himself in
  139. So cute + others(pixs)!!.
  140. Mr. Buddylee Wants To Know How Much Is The Doggy In The Window?
  141. Useful dog tricks video
  142. Puppy years
  143. Mr. Buddylee: An Excited Hound Lands His First Paid Job.
  144. Ash's New Pal
  145. Static dog video
  146. Dog sitting
  147. Mr. Buddylee Is Buried In Goldens.
  148. I am Ion, I am Cute
  149. Mr. Buddylee Presents His, Extendable, Buddyleesh.
  150. Millie taking in a movie
  151. Havok
  152. Mr. Buddylee, Also Known AS Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee, The Downtown Dog.
  153. Princess birthday party at the dog spa!
  154. Lots of pics from Niagara Dogfest!
  155. Max enjoying his birthday treats
  156. Mr. Buddylee Seems to Remember That curiousity Killed The Cat.
  157. Millie resting on the couch
  158. Rambo at the beach house
  159. Mr. Buddylee’s Version of E-Mail Works Like a Charm Without an Internet Connection!
  160. A video of my dog licking the rug
  161. Mr. Buddylee Has Second Thoughts About Sliding Down A Dock Ramp.
  162. Millie getting ready to go to the vet...
  163. Harvey!
  164. Rudy, My Boston Terrier Has A Girlfriend
  165. Pics from my world (Dogs, Cat, Horses.. etc)
  166. Help!! What's this breed?
  167. Zoe's haircut
  168. Rudy - My Boston Terrier (High Def. Videos)
  169. Fun on the 4th
  170. Mr. Buddylee Discovered His Reflection at the Dog Park.
  171. Zeke (foster dog) at the lake!
  172. Happy July 4th!
  173. The spotlight on Macey & Coco!
  174. Mr. Buddylee Looks Like The Blues, Poor Howard Plays The Blues!
  175. ...and then there was one more
  176. Mr. Buddylee's Kind Of Place!
  177. Ion's Family Reunion
  178. Half the dog I had
  179. It's Ranger's 1 year birthday TODAY!!! (pics)
  180. Various photos, Val and Ravi
  181. Little Lucy Explores!!
  182. Mr. Buddylee: A Classic Hound Dog In A Vintage Truck
  183. Millie gets excited about going outside
  184. Loving my frosty paws
  185. K-9 Carnival/Training Op
  186. I knew dogs could dance but....
  187. Mr. Buddylee Enjoys A Stroll On A New Dog Bridge!
  188. Waiting for his morning walk.
  189. Teasing the pup
  190. Retribution
  191. Calling all Mixed Breeds!
  192. Best thing to do on a hot day...
  193. Love those brown eyes...
  194. Just a couple of pictures
  195. Mr. Buddylee: Great Basset Meets Great Dane
  196. Happy Birthday Rambo!!!
  197. Mr. Buddylee Has No Interest In The Big Ship.
  198. Ah spring!
  199. Freddie, my latest foster.
  200. Mr. Buddylee, the Downtown Hound, Is Working The Streets!
  201. Millie making a fashion statement
  202. A little stroll in the woods.
  203. Pup!
  204. This little guy is in heaven.
  205. Mr. Buddylee Reacts To His New Plush Friend.
  206. Mr. Buddylee Has Always Been A Sound Investment!
  207. Specialty win photos
  208. Rollerblading with the dogs (2 videos)
  209. My Curent Foster- Smoke
  210. Priceless
  211. Redyre dogs fun on the beach!
  212. Mr. Buddylee Greets A Minor Fast Food Icon.
  213. Mr. Buddylee: A Weiner Dog Meets A Weinermobile!
  214. OMG my dog just got arrested!!!
  215. Just Macey
  216. The Gang's All Here!
  217. Ask and ye shall receive!
  218. Fun in the Sun
  219. Mr. Buddylee Is Working On The "Buddycam"..
  220. Chester and his Chair
  221. Coco And Bubba!
  222. Mr. Buddylee Can Be Compared to a Boat.
  223. Happy Birthday Timber!!
  224. Lots of dog pictures
  225. Hanky in the Middle
  226. Rambo sleeping with his raccoon...
  227. Family pictures
  228. Guilty dog video
  229. "I'm So Handsome"
  230. 3 mths old,already(pixs)!!
  231. Millie cleans up nicely...
  232. Simba and the Big Bouncy Ball...
  233. Then and Now--Photos
  234. Sarov, the King of the House (Borzoi)
  235. Armani, Borzoi Puppy
  236. Anyone seen Nellie?
  237. My Love
  238. Agility Still Frames
  239. Dog Park Pictures (Pics HEAVY)
  240. Dillon 15 months old.
  241. Successful Grooming
  242. A Happy Dog is a Dirty Dog!
  243. Timber Has Grown Up
  244. Snow pictures, and video!
  245. Easter pictures of the dogs
  246. Happy Easter!
  247. Pictures and videos of my pets
  248. Princess with no clothes on!
  249. Casey and my Chi Scooter
  250. First picture... Harley our White Collie