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  1. Dogs shaming video for barking in the middle of the night
  2. Happy 4th
  3. Getting ready for the 4th
  4. >>>>Mr. Buddylee's Cool Invention<<<<
  5. I made videoclip with Charlie and Laura
  6. Dog Hiccuping
  7. Mr. Buddylee's impressive paw.
  8. Smiling Boy
  9. Our walk this afternoon
  10. Mr. Buddylee is a People Magnet
  11. Puppy adopts cheetah
  12. >>>Mr. Buddylee Has A New Role In Life<<<
  13. After a long walk
  14. Mosey and Mr. Buddylee take time to recharge their batteries
  15. Happy Birthday Cheynie
  16. Dog has trouble getting up in the morning
  17. >>>Mr. Buddylee & Mosey Always Meet New People...Priceless<<<
  18. 15 Cute pictures of dogs taking baths
  19. >>>Mr. Buddylee teaches "calm" to his kid brother<<<
  20. Two dogs attempt to play catch
  21. Dog on water slide
  22. Indoor pool?
  23. >>>Mr. Buddylee and Mosey: A visit to Remember<<<
  24. Morning smile...photos called "I came home to this"
  25. Random GIFS of Marley!
  26. Little Lucy has a twin!
  27. Three dogs and three sausage treats (Guess what happens next)
  28. >>>Mr. Buddylee Introduces Mosey to His First Garden-Fresh Vegetable<<<
  29. Just a couple of pics of Marley!
  30. Not sure how she did it
  31. Such a cute puppy he was!
  32. Marley helping keep the river clean!
  33. >>>Mr. Buddylee and bro: A Fine Jack/Basset Pair<<<
  34. Roly . . . 15 tomorrow
  35. >>>Mr. Buddylee: A Couple of Dogs in for a Couple of Dogs<<<
  36. Dog desperately want to be friends with cats video
  37. New pics of my Dogs
  38. Dog's expressions of your day and doggy photobombs
  39. Mr. Buddylee's Mobile Training Assignment.
  40. Dog refuses to acknowedge goat
  41. Mikey says hi!
  42. Julius
  43. Black dogs photographs to reduce "black dog syndrome" in adoptions
  44. Dogs are the best alarm clock video
  45. "22 Photos prove that babies need pets"
  46. Mr. Buddylee Plays the Role of the Mattress.
  47. Dogs confused by magician, just adorable
  48. Spring is tomorrow?
  49. Hidden camera catches naughty dog
  50. Mr. Buddylee and Mosey On The Hunt
  51. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  52. Mr. Buddylee Formally Introduces Mosey
  53. My 3 Dogs
  54. Feel good pic of the day.
  55. >>>Mr. Buddylee's New Brother<<<
  56. Maddie 15 months old
  57. Naughty dogs of Alabama
  58. Mr. Buddylee Was 15 feet From a Gator.
  59. To My Dog...
  60. Beagle dog enjoying car ride
  61. >>>>Mr. Buddylee Is Willing to Wait As Long As It Takes.<<<<
  62. Something funny from charlie:)
  63. Mr. Buddylee supports dog-friendly shop owners.
  64. Here's Loki, just got her today.
  65. Charlie first anniversary video:) Thank You
  66. Cheynie is happy
  67. Intimate portraits of our most beloved icons with their most beloved furry companions
  68. Mr. Buddylee Through A Different Lens
  69. How to clean house with funny dog?:)
  70. Huge dogs
  71. Reluctant Valentines
  72. Happy Valentine's Day!
  73. Mr. Buddylee Got To Sprint On A Forbidden Beach!
  74. Blast from the Past
  75. And..more snow
  76. Waiting for bacon
  77. So sweet
  78. Charlie and his adventures:)
  79. Busted!
  80. Mr. Buddylee's Guest Image of Friend Zuzu
  81. Hairless dancing dog video goes viral
  82. >>>>Mr. Buddylee Doesn't Want You to Get Upset<<<<
  83. Big sticks, small openings (video)
  84. Mikey - new pics
  85. Black ice
  86. Mr. Buddylee Is A Low Maintenance Companion?
  87. Cheynie's first real snow (braving the cold!)
  88. Dogs saving people and animals video
  89. Dogs who love snow-video
  90. The "blizzard"
  91. Mr. Buddylee’s Town Business
  92. Happy New Year!
  93. Looking forward to 2014
  94. Mr. Buddylee Can Dig It!
  95. Dunbar had a good Christmas
  96. Santa forgave me!
  97. Waiting for the Christmas Bacon
  98. Kris' Birthday Dec. 24th.
  99. Merry Christmas!
  100. Pettube
  101. Kris and snow
  102. Cheynie's Christmas stocking
  103. Mr. Buddylee: Holiday Window viewing.
  104. Only a week 'til Christmas
  105. Kris and her "playground"
  106. Uh oh Santa
  107. Christmas came early
  108. Air swimming dogs
  109. Mr. Buddylee: A Multiple Choice Quiz
  110. Cheynie's first snow
  111. Isis Christmas Pictures
  112. Winter
  113. Honey and Diesel have a new friend.
  114. Dogs smiling (video)
  115. Dogs Shopping
  116. Mr. Buddylee Harmonizing With A Friend?
  117. Happy First Thanksgiving
  118. Mr. Buddylee's Basic Train-ing
  119. Puppies learning to howl
  120. Dogs slipping on floors
  121. Dog loves leaves video
  122. Mr. Buddylee Entertains a Visiting Athlete.
  123. Photobucket
  124. My Loves!
  125. Mikey and his little "friends"
  126. Mr. Buddylee: Every Day Is Turkey Day.
  127. Dogs escaping video
  128. Kris and Kiska
  129. Too Cold to Get Up
  130. Dogs and broccoli video
  131. Mr. Buddylee: Nose to Nose with a Gator.
  132. 28 cats having a worse day than you
  133. Mr.John's smile photo thread
  134. Kitten vs. Dog Tail
  135. Mr. Buddylee Always Enjoys a Good Halloween Howl.
  136. Happy Halloween
  137. Scooby at the beach!
  138. Is it really dead?
  139. Little Lucy pics
  140. Mikey Pumpkin :-)
  141. Mr. Buddylee: Winter Wood
  142. 19 Life Lessons People Should Learn From Dogs-videos
  143. Dolly Bath Time and Before/After
  144. Cheynie sucking up for sympathy
  145. Mr. Buddylee: Nesting.
  146. Dogs imitate baby's crawl
  147. Kris and her pillow
  148. Dogs "shaking it off" video
  149. Sticky, gooey Cheynie
  150. Mr. Buddylee: Two Baritones.
  151. "Uh oh..."
  152. Mr. Buddylee: 3 Butts and a Basset.
  153. 5th annual Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach, Calif.
  154. Desert Puppy is what?
  155. Aw, retired military dog meets his first kitten video
  156. Photos of my dogs! -img heavy-
  157. Cheynie went to the vet
  158. 21 TGIF gifs
  159. Kris,
  160. Mr. Buddylee: Hound Around Town (video)
  161. Dogs chasing laser pointers video
  162. Bears
  163. Dogs and Baths videos
  164. Cheynie's first bath
  165. Kris, 9 mo. old now
  166. Olate dogs in slow motion
  167. Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome
  168. Mr. Buddylee Nose that Fall Is Almost Here.
  169. Kris
  170. Pre-season dogs in boots
  171. Perfect yard day
  172. Like a child :P
  173. Too hot to play
  174. Mr. Buddylee's Good Buddy or Bud's bud Bud.
  175. Mikey update with some pics :-)
  176. Miya's little shadow
  177. Mr. Buddylee Discovers a Pop-up Lemonaid Stand.
  178. Ow, shots!
  179. Hungry bloodhound puppies video
  180. Mr. Buddylee Reveals His Secret to Bassethound Fitness.
  181. Cheynie went to Petco
  182. Pool fun :)
  183. Mr. Buddylee's New Business: Rent-A-Hound.
  184. Mr. Buddylee: A Comment About an Aging Bassethoud.
  185. Finally Good Weather for a Walk
  186. Mr. Buddylee: Thoughts of Porkchops and Bacon.
  187. Kris has grown
  188. 50 Cats And Dogs In Desperate Need Of Naps
  189. Mr. Buddylee walks from New Hampshire to Maine
  190. Mr. Buddylee: First Bassethound Over The Bridge.
  191. 23 "Cones of shame"
  192. Mr. Buddylee Paws to Enjoy the View.
  193. Pepper at 2 and 6 months......
  194. Bella is 4 months now
  195. Mr. Buddylee's Only Motivation: Saying Hello?
  196. "Just resting their eyes"
  197. Mr. Buddylee Is Treading Quietly.
  198. 62 seconds of dogs being really patient
  199. Mr. Buddylee Meets RedBull.
  200. Birthdays!!
  201. Mr. Buddylee Makes 6 Friends In 6 Seconds.
  202. Dogs vs. sprinklers
  203. Kai - Thai Ridgeback
  204. Words from Dunbar
  205. Mr. Buddylee Meets A Meditating Pooch.
  206. Dogs vs stairs
  207. "11 Ways To Cool Off, As Told By Overheated Dogs"
  208. Mr. Buddylee Goes For A Waterless Swim.
  209. The last day of spring
  210. The boys
  211. What dogs teach us (video)
  212. Kris
  213. Puppy vs kiddie pool video
  214. Dunbar is not a morning "person"
  215. Mr. Buddylee: You've Got Mail!
  216. Dogs tasting sour
  217. Dogs in cars and loving it (photos)
  218. Mr. Buddylee's New friend, Woody.
  219. Mugsy (Jack-A-Bee)
  220. Dogs and cats loving their bath video
  221. Lucy and Kris
  222. Mr. Buddylee Introduces A New Family Member.
  223. Photobombing dogs
  224. The real difference between cats and dogs
  225. Today's aww moment
  226. Hanna
  227. Kris and Kiska
  228. Mr. Buddylee on a Big City Sidewalk
  229. Riley and his new toy..
  230. Remmy and Kris
  231. "Top 10 Cute Dog Videos"
  232. Some new photos of Pepper shes getting big now.
  233. Mr. Buddylee On His Early AM Walk.
  234. Mr. Buddylee Gets Back At His Father
  235. The neighborhood dog
  236. Mr. Buddylee: Product Tester.
  237. Kris
  238. Some photos of Mystic at 12 Weeks
  239. Mr. Buddylee's Wrong End
  240. Pepper in the sunshine...
  241. I got to play...with a dog?!
  242. Some more pics of Pepper.
  243. Just a pic of Pepper our Jackabee shes 13 weeks today.
  244. My German Shepherd Puppy
  245. Mr. Buddylee Is Back In NH.
  246. Chessie back to work :-)
  247. Introducing my crew *pic heavy*
  248. My baby's almost 6 months old!
  249. Flipping dogs halftime show
  250. A Boy and His Dad