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  1. what breed do you think she is?
  2. Heeler-German Shepherd mutt?
  3. Just got our puppy and trying to determine breed
  4. "The Most Feared Dogs May Also Be the Most Misunderstood"
  5. Hemset's starting to turn my dad around
  6. Whippet mix Brittany or pharaoh hound mix Brittany
  7. Help me identify breed of my puppy
  8. Trying to figure out the breeds of our marvelous mutt...
  9. Rottweiler breed
  10. HELP! What Breed Is My Puppy Mixed With?!?
  11. Wardogs
  12. Guess the breed........
  13. The Chinese Sharpei
  14. Help choosing a breed?
  15. What breed would be best?
  16. Pbgv blended with Border collie
  17. AKC adds three new breeds
  18. A look at Carolina dogs
  19. His dogs saved his life...his story
  20. Animal cruelty now a top tier crime for FBI
  21. 20 years of America's favorite breeds
  22. What breed can my dogs be? One year old brothers.
  23. Part of Annie Heritage?
  24. I want to know what kind of breed is my dog *** Please help
  25. AKC recognized four new breeds
  26. What kind of dog?
  27. Is my puppy a newfoundland?
  28. Hey guys I have an Instagram for Trunks
  29. What Breed is my dog
  30. Trunks my Kelpie x Bulldog is bigger
  31. Kelpie x English Bulldog
  32. Husky & Border Collie mix
  33. Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds
  34. The Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World
  35. The 10 oldest dog breeds known to man
  36. Hare Hunting Dog
  37. Should i get a puppy or kitten?
  38. 21 Awesome Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of
  39. Suggestions for a cat-friendly first dog?
  40. How dog breeds have changed over the years
  41. Fido's Farm
  42. Any guesses on my dogs breed?
  43. 2 Questions: Will I manage to be a dog owner? and what dog breed is best for me?
  44. Mischievous pets
  45. Resource - Food -guarding?
  46. My Rescue Puppy...what is she?
  47. Accredited or not?
  48. GSD, American Alsatians, King Shepherds and Shilohs
  49. Malinois x Aussie?
  50. Breeds for Me?
  51. Happy 9th Birthday Cindy
  52. I <3 Cinnamon
  53. What breed is she?
  54. What kind of dog did I adopt?
  55. Bull Terrier Vs. Doberman
  56. This dog looks like it's wearing a costume :)
  57. Guess my stray...JRT+????
  58. Smartest Dog Breeds
  59. Genetics Question
  60. 10 Dogs With The Highest Vet Bills
  61. In haste, what just HAPPENED out there???
  62. Hungarian dogs list :)
  63. What do you think of this breed of dogs???
  64. What type of meat your dog have tried
  65. A strange idea I hope you'll entertain.
  66. looking for three puppies
  67. Dog park etiquette
  68. Border Collie!
  69. Worst Traits about your "breed"
  70. I think I have a shar pei?
  71. Question for Professional breeders
  72. Just had to share.... new edition coming TOMORROW!
  73. Breeds that will pass as a german pinscher
  74. Purple or Spotted Tongues
  75. Smaller breed suggestions
  76. Suggestions for other breeds ?
  77. Guardian vs Herders
  78. Dogs vs wolves: are they or aren't they?
  79. Sticking to the same breed
  80. Dog Recommendations
  81. Dog breed for me
  82. Shorty Bull Breed
  83. Hello everybody! What kind of dog should I get?
  84. Westminster 2010
  85. Breeding too young of a dog!
  86. When you found out the breeds of your mix, were you surprised?
  87. Breed traits and rescuing controversy!
  88. Dogs 101--Designer 'Breeds'?
  89. Curse of the Curly Coat!
  90. Curse of amateur breeding.
  91. Breeding think twice before you do it.
  92. Breeding question
  93. Unpopular Breeds?
  94. Breed for me?
  95. Choosing the right dog
  96. Thinking about getting a Vizsla
  97. Online dog ID quiz
  98. What would this turn out like?
  99. Do breeders breed good quality of life?
  100. Border Collie vs cross-breed?
  101. I need your help choosing a dog! :)
  102. Wanting to adopt a pom, got 2 options..need advice!!
  103. Rare Breed
  104. The dog show
  105. Probably a stupid question...
  106. Terrier, toy, bully, hound or sport?
  107. Help with mating
  108. Bad feeling about my staff
  109. Oh geeze - never should've looked at the Classifieds!
  110. *Groan* Hormonal collie at large again!
  111. Should we 'dumb down' our dogs?
  112. What If There Were No Registries?
  113. Creating a new breed for agility [split]
  114. Bred for purpose medical service dogs?
  115. Anybody ever use the pedigree data base for dogs?
  116. I don't have a dog yet but might get one
  117. Breed origin game.
  118. AKC's 2008 breed rankings out
  119. Which dog do you prefer
  120. Problems addressed with Breeder Clients
  121. What breeds would you pick?
  122. Are you a breed snob?
  123. The oldest breed of dog?
  124. New to Breeding Dogs
  125. Social Knuckleheads and other oddities
  126. Addressing the weaknesses of under-regulated dog breeding
  127. Your not so favourite breed.
  128. Minature beagles and pugs.
  129. Rare Vulnerable Native Breeds
  130. Hello need some help if you all can...
  131. Need some help choosing a breed please
  132. Advice needed rottie x doberman
  133. Undershot Jaw.
  134. What breed should I get?
  135. Dog Photo Christmas Cards
  136. Breed ideas for second dog?
  137. My Lonely dog
  138. Differences between Alaskan malumute and siberian husky?
  139. When is a breed a breed? Examples of possible "new" breeds
  140. Researching breeds.
  141. Goldendoodle or Standard Poodle?
  142. Guess The Breed!
  143. Breeding Endorsements
  144. Breed Clubs Have a Responsibility, So Why Are They NOT Promoting Health?
  145. Where do you stand on Cropping Ears and Docking Tails
  146. Save the dogs that others hate.
  147. What dog breed do you think is right for me.
  148. Can someone help on identifying this dog breed??
  149. Question for the experts??
  150. Might be pregnant
  151. Dog breeding
  152. UK Vulnerable/Endangered Native Breeds
  153. Puppy tug-o-war
  154. Doberman in heat for first time!
  155. Choosing a breed...
  156. Rhodesian ridgeback? A question about them and small pets
  157. Toy Fox terrier
  158. Read: Ya all will know what I do now?
  159. Is it only me? Breeders who DONT ask questions...
  160. How to pick a good Breeder
  161. How to make a living breeding dogs
  162. Training a Husky not to take off?
  163. When should puppies be due?
  164. Sad Situation At Festival
  165. Michael Vick story Sunday 10PM
  166. Parent Clubs
  167. Breeding requirements in Germany
  168. The Myths of Purebred Inbreeding
  169. Poll: Purebred/Pedigree Dogs Health
  170. Poll: Mixed Breeds Health
  171. Dog breed selector tests..
  172. Dog breeders ?
  173. Looking for pitbull or rottweiler puppy
  174. The Difference between Bulldogs please
  175. What breed is this?
  176. Results are in!
  177. Breeds You'd Like to Own & Why!
  178. Staffys coming into season
  179. Wolf like dog breeds
  180. Barbet Anyone?
  181. Finding the Perfect Breed
  182. What puppy/gender would be right for us.
  183. Need a little help choosing a dog....
  184. Breeds most likely to bite ...
  185. Let's play name this dog
  186. What is an Aussie?
  187. Missy. What is she? -Pictures-
  188. Pitbull vs Boxer activity/aggression level
  189. Aussies VS Golden ret
  190. Phantom Pregnancy
  191. Shar pei skin problems, atopica?
  192. Toy Poodle x Border Terrier
  193. Breeding
  194. Would you believe!
  195. 10 Dog Breeds Most likely to bite
  196. KC vulnerable native breeds list
  197. What breed do you suggest?
  198. Pit Bulls?
  199. Pugadors.
  200. Breeding father to daughter
  201. Harness, or choke collar?
  202. Can Anyone Please Help - two Matings
  203. Is this dog a Giant Schnauzer?
  204. I can't choose: Afghan Hound or American Cocker Spaniel?
  205. Irish Setters
  206. Can someone help and identify what kind of breed this dog please
  207. What breed? Companion and Guard
  208. And THIS is why people should educate themselves.
  209. Help! What breed/cross breed to choose for first dog
  210. Identify Breed Please!
  211. Crossed with?
  212. Breed suggestions
  213. What kind of dog is this ?
  214. Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute or Rough Collie?
  215. Whats your favorite dog breed?
  216. Are the Mars Wisdom Panel and MetaMorphix Canine Heritage DNA tests scams?
  217. Advice on phantom pregnancy please
  218. Large breed recommendation, and a rant
  219. Genetic Problems in Sablemerles?
  220. Portuguese pointer
  221. What type of dog?
  222. Help with KC registration
  223. Funniest Experiences with Mistaken Identity
  224. Breed mixup at crufts
  225. Suspect Nellie is a mix!
  226. What is this dog?
  227. Online breed selectors
  228. Current dog law in the UK
  229. Early spay / neuter?
  230. Sheltie ]
  231. Is the AKC for or against?
  232. Need to know about good family dogs....
  233. Anyone going to Crufts ?
  234. The Westminster dog show
  235. Seasons Of The Female Dog:
  236. Disqualifying colors and patterns
  237. Looking for a New Doggy
  238. Hello
  239. Threads for specific breeds?
  240. A female labrador or male?
  241. Dog breeding articles!
  242. Getting Hips OFA CERF
  243. Site to research labrador Pedigrees
  244. Breed Characteristics!
  245. Databases for pedigrees
  246. Collie cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  247. Guarantees in breeding contracts
  248. New Puppy!
  249. What is the most expensive breed?
  250. Bull Dogs To Be Bred in Near Future- Neighbours