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  1. Ode to the Reputable Breeder
  2. Dogue De Bourdeaux - any experience?
  3. If you want _____ Don't get a ______
  4. Guess the Breed! <-- Picture Game.
  5. Which Breed?
  6. Name That Breed Game
  7. Cute guide to dog breeds
  8. Loose breed standards, tight breed standards
  9. Anyone identify the breed of this dog figure?
  10. HELP! Good Beginner Dog For These Conditions?
  11. Quest for the perfect dog!
  12. What breeds are most popular in your area?
  13. Life expectancy by breed / size
  14. What dogs used to look like
  15. Long article about designer dogs and purebreds
  16. BSL in Australia
  17. Seven Foundations of a Successful Dog Breeder
  18. To put a Service Dog in Training to sleep BSL..
  19. Puppy taken away for no reason
  20. A new dog...a Bichon?
  21. Shih tzus and lhasa apsos
  22. Hello, Best Breed for me?
  23. Pit Bull hater at Purdue
  24. No Need For BSL- Breed Specific Legislation
  25. Stores report thefts of dog-training collars
  26. The deal with these breeds?
  27. Comedy Actress Shares Kisses With Dog
  28. Mufasa's Parents?
  29. Do you think a dog should have a CH before breeding?
  30. Survey on dog groups
  31. World's smallest dog only 4" tall
  32. American bulldog birth problems?
  33. How could we find another of this unique mixture of breeds?
  34. Briard
  35. Does Buddy look Purebred?
  36. What breed do you think Zoie is?
  37. Small dog breeds?
  38. Age for stud?
  39. I met a Bernese Mountain Dog over the weekend!
  40. Need help choosing a breed
  41. Owners Of Border Terriers Please Read
  42. Homeowners insurance and "dangerous dogs"
  43. Some links you shouldn't be without
  44. Please help me choose the right dog breed.
  45. HSUS/PETA say kill "vick" dogs, Feds give charge to ASPCA & BF Rep.
  46. My breeder & KC Reg Documents
  47. Information on two different terrier breeds please
  48. Do you think this would be a good breeding?
  49. Pit bulls
  50. I need some tips on breeding
  51. Be mating my female german shepherd for the first time this weekend!!
  52. Fostering Dog's Feild
  53. Staffy's
  54. Breed suggestion? mid size dog
  55. The Dog Game..Wanna Play?
  56. Dog with two noses?
  57. Humane Society of the United States Misled Americans ...
  58. Inbreeding, linebreeding?
  59. Inbreeding dogs for "fads" in Japan
  60. Judge the Deed, not the breed.
  61. Personality related to coat type and color?
  62. Help registering puppies
  63. When working dogs become conformation dogs
  64. For those wondering what breed is right for them
  65. American Mi-ki Registry Association
  66. Why did you choose your breed?
  67. Unsure whether to get second dog!
  68. Backyard breeder/puppymiller's excuses
  69. Health tests by breed and breeder
  70. Dog Colours!
  71. Bad Breeding: Two-legged Puppies
  72. Dog Breeding, Artificial Insemination.
  73. Dog finder
  74. Looking for a dog that will protect me from dangerous people if necessary
  75. Which breed is best for a family with kids?
  76. Which Breed?
  77. Help choosing a new breed.
  78. Help :) Name that breed!
  79. Would you agree on ancient breeds
  80. How Breeders Portray the APBT
  81. Breed Suggestion: Allergy Advice
  82. Changing Saffi's travelling arrangements
  83. Poll: What type of dog(s) do you have?
  84. What breed do you recommend?
  85. The healthiest purebred?
  86. "Whats a hovawart?"
  87. Question- stairs and pregnant females
  88. Help with choice of breeds
  89. Breeders and websites?
  90. Top 10 Favorite Breeds - Least 10 Favorite Breeds
  91. Breeders, your opinion on this...
  92. Dog breeds in the 19th / early 20th century
  93. Finding a Breeder/difference w/pedigree
  94. Breeds that do/don't shed - anybody know which ones?
  95. Breeding Postponed due to Insufficient Dog!
  96. Lurcher - right breed?
  97. Please help me pick the right breed!
  98. Artifical insemination- FINALLY
  99. I need help choosing a good breed for me
  100. Is this true
  101. All Dog Coat Genetics
  102. Co-ownership of dogs
  103. Cropping and the Show Ring
  104. Searching for a dog
  105. What kind of puppy do I have?
  106. Crufts
  107. New Dog Breeds
  108. My dog sprout
  109. Finding a good breeder.
  110. Can anyone help with my stud dog
  111. Dog Stolen At Gunpoint in N.J.
  112. Help with decision on breed selection
  113. Favourite Breed
  114. Help with getting a second dog
  115. I Need A Puppy!!
  116. Canadian Kennel Club Breed Groupings.
  117. Your top 5 dog breeds
  118. Ya Favourite Breed
  119. Large/Medium Breed dog?
  120. Facts: Origin of the dog
  121. Is a harness best for my husky?
  122. I have to Brag today
  123. The Right Breed
  124. Buddy/Playmate/Companion for Jake
  125. Extinct dog breeds
  126. Which breed?
  127. Dogs for Grads
  128. Ming the Rhodesian?
  129. Looking for the best breed for our needs
  130. Which breed should I get?
  131. Second dog
  132. What breed (or mix) would be best for us?
  133. When thinking of a new dog...
  134. Damiri is at the vet...
  135. Dogs bred for a purpose.
  136. Has any body ever seen a
  137. Newest family addition. Please help ID.
  138. What breed does this sound like?
  139. For Doberman's
  140. breeds
  141. Boerboels
  142. help
  143. I need a good dog for...
  144. Picking a breed
  145. Showing/ confirmation
  146. Need help with choosing a breed please
  147. Would you consider....
  148. What breeds?
  149. Disqualifing colors, of faults in breeds: explain please!
  150. Advice on breed
  151. Question about dog EuroChip
  152. Which breed of dog would you breed?
  153. A good breed for Hawaii?
  154. Abbreviations for breeds
  155. Breed/breeders
  156. What breed for me?
  157. Looking for a breed
  158. Bullmastiff rescue information
  159. Which breed?
  160. Pics of all breeds
  161. Breeds to consider?
  162. Can I test my dogs breed (or mixes) with blood test?
  163. Favorite breed and why?
  164. Apartment breeds