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vagreys 05-24-2011 02:36 PM

New Section and Updated Dog Food Scores members have been scoring dry dog foods for over 4 years, now! To make it easier to locate completed and updated scores, we've added Vagreys' Dog Food Scoring - a section just for completed dog food scores, including a variety of indexes to help you locate individual scores, brands, manufacturers, and to make it easier to compare foods that have already been scored. I've started a project to update older scores and to expand the foods we have scored. You will see the results in the new section!

Right now, we are updating and adding scores for a variety of dry foods. In the future, we hope to add scoring for canned foods, semi-moist foods, meat rolls, treats, and more. We'll continue to discuss foods in the Dog Food and Nutrition forum, of course. If you don't find the score for a particular food, score it yourself and we'll add it to the collection. Submit your scoring efforts in the Kibble Scoring Discussion in the Dog Food and Nutrition forum, and we'll add it to the scores we've collected in the new section.

In the Dry/Kibble Food forum, we offer several indexes to make it easier to find and compare scores for foods:
  • Alphabetical by Food - Find the score for your food by the name of the food. Each entry links to the brand thread that contains the score for your food.
  • By Score - Foods grouped by score. See which foods score similarly.
  • By Brand - Use this index to jump to the brand thread for all foods scored in a given brand (like Iams or Canidae).
  • By Manufacturer - Use this index to find all the brands for a given dog food manufacturer. The manufacturer entries also link to the manufacturer website, if they have one.
As we update scores and add new ones, I'll be adding other indexes, too. Right now, I have plans to add an index just for puppy foods, and another just for senior foods.

I hope you find the new section useful and enjoy seeing it grow. I hope some of you will join us in our scoring efforts, to help expand the number of foods we have scored for the benefit of the entire community!

techie 05-24-2011 04:08 PM

Sounds great! Now if I could only see well enough to read the small print!

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