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Default Hot Spots

I have a 9 1/2 year old Great Pyreness mix. According to our Vet her back hips and thighs are completely gone and the front is going. She has been on Dermaxx for quite some time. She is really slowing down, gotten grouchy, wants to be inside all the time and is sleeping most of the time. A few months ago she got a "hot spot" on her belly. Vet said this is a spot the dog finds and continues to lick at it making it infected. This is something she has never done before. Tonite, as I'm realizing she has lost some weight because I'm feeling her saggy skin, I see she has a small hot spot on her front leg (I can understand that one) but also a huge one behind her ear (which I don't see how it's possible she can lick behind her ear, so how did she get that one?). Is this a part of the normal aging process for dogs or should I be concerned there is more going on? I'm calling the Vet in the morning to try and get her in and fixed up.

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tsslaughter I think that's very wise to get her back to the vets It could be just a old age thing but not 100% sure so please let us know what the vet says and good luck
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Here's some easy reading on 'hot spots' or moist dermatitis (has a bunch of names)

Canine hot spots, also called acute moist pyoderma, or moist eczema, are raw patches on the skin, which can suddenly appear within an hour or two. They are usually caused by a bacterial infection. They can appear anywhere on a dog's body, and it can rapidly spread, but most commonly appear under a dog’s ears, on his rump, or near the rectum area. Most of the time these hot spots can be cured with oral and topical antibiotics. They most often occur in the hot summer months. A dog that is wet, dirty and/or matted is more susceptible. Fleas, ticks, and burrs can cause them or allergic reactions due to food allergy, flea allergy, atopy, parasites (such as mange), anal gland problems, localized inflammation of the skin from clipping and grooming, or skin infections.
A dog with a hot spot will often bite and scratch at the area. The area becomes moist, red, raw, and may pus, forming scabs. In longer haired dogs, the area usually becomes matted from the discharge. Painful, itchy lesions often appear, causing the dog to chew and lick even more. This can cause thickened skin and scarring.
The area around the hot spot should be shaved, allowing air to hit it so it will scab over. The dog must stop scratching, licking and biting the area in order for the hot spot to heal. A topical antibiotic can be applied, however take care the dog does not lick it off.

One collie of mine had hot spots all his adult life, usually on his back rump, that would break out periodically. I cut back the fur around the area so that it wouldn't stick in the open sore and then used a topical medicated spray that he didn't like the taste of so he'd quit aggravating it. My next collie never had them but I also switched up his dog food to one that was made for skin sensitivities 'just in case'.

If they get really bad you can put an Elizabethan collar on her long enough for the spot to heal over.

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I use GentaSpray topical spray on Casey. I buy it at the vet's but it is made by Butler Schein.

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