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Default House training woes


i have had my pup since last thursday, she has settled really well and is sleeping with out whining when i have to pop out, she is a very good baby, but she has one major problem!

i take her out in the garden to do her business, which she does, wees, but i am having problems getting her to realise that she has to poop outside too, i can sit in the garden with her for an hour waiting for the poop to happen after she has done her wee, but nothing, as soon as she comes in, she goes! she does try to go on her puppy pad, but only half the time.

help! it is getting very frustrating!

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Hiya, and I hope you are enjoying your new pup.
LOL...In the beginning I referred to my puppies housetraining as "*I* am trained" meaning, *I* knew when to take him out to do his business. With a few weeks of consistent behaviour on MY part, I started to notice that pup was catching on.
Consistent behaviour meant feeding at the exact same time every day, and then making note of when he needed to pee or poop.That way I would know roughly when to take him out so I wasnt standing there for an hour waiting for him to go.
When he did go outside, I made a HUGE deal of it...he got a special treat (small piece of cheese) and his belly rubbed and lots and lots of praise.
I ignored accidents and gave myself a stern warning that I had not stuck to the schedule and ignored the little signs that he needed to go.(sniffing in circles, trying to sneak off, trying to get at the last place he peed/pooped in the house)
It does take time and patience, and I dont think most pups are completely housetrained in a matter of a few weeks. The best advice I can give is to be consistent.

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Well I have a puppy right now, she is 13 weeks old, and the house she lived in before me kinda let her and the other 5 dogs go whereever whenever.. But after like 1 accadent in the house, I was taking her out EVery hour and after about 2 days of that, she now goes to the door, and if u catch her..lookin at it, and take her out, she goes.. and i give TONS of praise.. But if she doesnt go, she comes in, and 10 min later i take her out again.. and now.. the past 2 days No messes over night *she stays in the kitchen* and when I am not home nothing.. she is doing rly well! But I have found puppy pads are a bad thing, it conflicts the whole going outside concept.. they start to learn it is ok to go inside.. just in one spot it is ok.. Try moving the puppy pad closer and closer to the door you will take her out of.. and eventually outside.. and then she will learn to go out that way.. Good luck!

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