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Default Taking naps

First of all, thank you everyone who have helped me so far! It's only been one day but it felt like a year! So on this first day, my puppy had some naps outside of her crate. Is there any method to coax her to take her naps inside her crate? I can't estimate when she will get sleepy and when I put her in her crate, she just whines and barks. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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We actually had the opposite problem with our pup - she would only sleep in her crate and never anywhere else. It was so adorable watching her try to keep her little eyes open when she was clearly exhausted...

Anyway, perhaps try exercising her fairly hard, giving her some time to relax, and when she starts to look a bit sleepy, carry her to her crate. Be sure some of her favorite toys are in there along with whatever you feel is a good idea in terms of beds, blankets, etc. Give her a few treats to keep her occupied as you leave the room, and then try to be as quiet as possible somewhere out of site. She may well throw a fit for a while, but try to resist the urge to go to her even if that goes on for an extended period of time (assuming you won't be greatly annoying neighbors and such).

The single most important rule of crate training - never under any circumstances should a dog be crated as a punishment. The crate should be a positive, safe place and should not be associated with anything negative.

Good luck!
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Thank you Taeric! Oh, I forgot to mention, my puppy takes naps outside of the crate and ALSO sometimes she goes inside the crate and lies down but doesn't go to sleep. Should I then close the door? She never goes in the crate for any other reason.

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Well, one thing I could tell you is, for one, NEVER give into her whinng and crying. It's like spioling a child that throughs a tanturm. You giving into her. This maybe something to think about, coax her into the crate and once she's in there, give her a small treat,and praise her. And just let her be alone in there, she will have to get used to it eventually. But again, if you feel sorry for her inside, she will sense that and take advantage of you.

Guess something to think about...

I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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