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Default Smart shopping for puppy supplies.

This applies to adult dogs too, but seems more fitting in the puppy section.

Nutrition: Can you afford to feed a dog? Your dog will be healthier on a diet of premium food (such as Chicken soup, performatrin ultra, or canidae), and these foods can cost much more then your typical Ol'Roy. Watch potrions carefully, though, as premium foods have better stuff in them, so your dog needs less. Consider the additional coat of food if you're thinking of a giant breed. (not only do they eat more, but with my experience, Large Breed formula is more expensive.)

ID: You want your dog to always have id on him. You can go with non-permanent ID like tags, that can attatch to their collar. These are cheap, and you can buy new ones when you move. These are long lasting, but I find sometimes get scratched and be hard to read. They sometimes fall off if they’re not put on properly. Tatoos and microchipping are another option. I prefer microchipping, as it doesn’t take away from the dogs appearance and seems less cruel. Microchipping is like a small grain of rice implanted under the dog’s skin. It can be read by a machine. Be aware that not all places have these “microchip scanners”. Many dog owners have their dogs microchipped and wearing tags. Because if a person down the street finds your dog, they’d rather read the tag then bring to dog to the vet’s to get him scanned….

Toys: What puppy doesn’t go through toys like crazy? They’re good for them, too. Dental benefits, mental stimulation and training are part of the gains toys can give. You’re best bet is toys that are safe and durable. I don’t advise a child’s stuffed animal as a good toy for a dog. Plastic eye balls and noses can be torn off and swallowed. They can choke small dogs and puppies. My favourite toy is the simple rubber kong. These can be filled with peanut butter and provide hours of toungue-stretching entertainment. Especially for food-addicted dogs. They’ll spend the whole day trying to get that last bit of food out of their Kong. Kongs can also greatly improve your chances of successful crate training.

Leashs and collars: Puppies grow a lot in their first year and will outgrow a lot of collars. I suggest ones that can be easily adjusted, because they’ll fit for longer then one-size ones, they’ll probably fit better too. Buckle collars made of nylon or cotton are safe, can be cleaned, wear well and are generally not too expensive. Make sure you can always (check often, they’ll grow fast!) fit two fingers under his collar. Make sure he has room to breathe, be comfterble and have room to grow. For leashs I suggest lightweight nylon or cotton ones. 6 feet is the preferred length. I don’t like the adjustable ones, because if you have a large breed dog, he will get strong and will be able to suddenly jerk the plastic handle out of your hand. (All the more reason to start obedience training early... but that's off topic )

Grooming: You may want a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste. If you feed a premium food, these aren’t nessesairy. Also you’ll do well with a brush specially for the dog. Dogs have a different hair type then you do. If your puppy will not be walking on pavement regularly, you’ll also need a nail trimmer. Get some positive experiences in with the nail clipper before the dog grows up and hates it. Give your dog lots of treats when doing his nails. It will make future nail-trimmings a lot easier.

Vet trips: Can you afford to bring your puppy to the vet's often as a puppy and regularly even as an adult? Part of care will include keeping parasites such as fleas, ticks, and worms at bay. Perscription products are better then over-the counters. Routine vaccinations and regular check-ups and also nessesairy.

Crates and bedding: Crates are, IMO, a must, for puppies especially. They improve your chances of house training and separation axiety. You want a crate that is big enough for them to stand and turn around. But not to big they can pee in one end and sleep in the other. Consider one with an addable piece so you can adjust the size as your pup grows. For bedding. No doubt your puppy will have accidents in her bed the first few nights. Don’t buy a really expensive bed for your puppy. Once she has mastered her bladder you can buy a nicer bed. Also, puppies chew. Same deal. But a cheap bed and replace it once she’s passed the major teething stages.

Always remember when shopping… There are things you need and things you want.
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Great share! Thank you! Well done!
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Good post. Thanks

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alot of good infomation thanks

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