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Default Need advice on new puppy

Hello all

This is my first real post. I introduced my self and my dog Hardy in the New Members forum.

Hardy is a 9 week old Shepherd-Rotti X. He is healthy happy and adjusting well to his new surroundings. We have had him for a week now. He is learning fast, he knows his name, “Come”, ”Sit”, he is getting “Lie Down” and “Shake a Paw” but needs to be bribed.
His leash skills are improving every time we take him out. Of course all of the above only happens when you can keep his attention.

I could use some pointers or links to threads on the following subjects.

-Getting and keeping a puppies attention
-Stopping Play biting

We know that with these breads we must (no matter how cute it is) stop rough play early. One of my main problems with the obedience training is there is so much information out there with many training sites telling you one thing and another telling you the exact opposite. The same goes for friends and family. Any bread specific sites tend to tell me how to train a guard dog, which is not what we are after.

Here are some pictures (I hope)
Picture 091.jpg
Fun in the Yard
At work with is dad
Good or Evil?
"Hardy Sit"

Sorry for the long read. looking forward to meeting you all.

Thanks Ben & Hardy

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Pups have a short attention span so whatever you can do to change-up the training session and make it fun will help keep pup's attention.

With early training, I focus a lot on the "watch me" command. Here's how I do it:


Some other threads that may help you with play-biting are:

Some puppy play questions

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Hi BenM,
It can be hard to get and keep a puppy's attention, especially when they are that young. My philosophy is to play with them first so they are a little tired, then do as much training as they will be able to handle (five minutes maybe at that age?) and quit as soon as I get the feeling that the puppy is getting frustrated. They are like little babies and you can't fight nature, at least not very much.

As far as the biting goes, this question comes up a lot.
here a couple of threads on it:

That might help for a start.
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Look up Dr Ian Dunbar. He's a behaviorist & vet. His books Before You Get Your Puppy & After You Get Your Puppy are excellent. He also make a video years ago called Sirius Puppy Training.

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I agree with the above - and the 'before you get your puppy' booklet can now be downloaded free from here:

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