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Old 06-14-2006, 12:54 PM   #1
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Default New puppy...losing sleep :(

Ok, my wife and I bought an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) two nights ago. She is 8 weeks and a few days old. My wife wants her to sleep in the bed with us at night, at the foot, and I'm fine with that. However, she keeps waking up several times a night and likes to chew on our hair and feet, whimper, and nibble on our ears and such. We take her outside and provide fresh food and water, let her run around the back yard...but she just runs around. Doesn't eat or drink, no bathroom, just runs around. So I bring her back to the bedroom and go back to bed, she'll lay down and sleep for about an hour, and then starts over again. Once we finally get up for good in the morning, we take her outside, and she'll go to the bathroom finally, and eat some and drink some, and then we bring her back in and she sleeps all day long. Waking up only to find a more comfortable position just before passing out again.

So it seems our puppy is a night owl. This has to stop soon though because my wife has to get up around 6 a.m. every morning for work, and I'm about to start a new job in a couple of weeks where I will have to be there at 7 a.m. every day. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to switch her "schedule" around. Should I go to the vet and ask about any kind of tranquilizers or anything...sort of like dog sleeping pills? I've heard of such things, as long as they are not harming the dog I wouldn't be afraid to at least try them. Also, as soon as we take her outside after seeing that she's trying to go potty on the floor, she thinks we are playing with there anything we can do to make her stay focused on what she was just doing 10 seconds before that?

My parents have a black Lab thats about 14 months old, and they are still crate training her. I really don't want to have to go that long before my dog gets the point. I thought Blue Heelers were supposed to be incredibly smart. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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You are making a rod for your own back by letting her sleep on the bed. Had you thought about crating her????
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I would try to keep her entertained during the day instead of letting her sleep all day, that way she will be worn out by bedtime.

The crate training also might be a good idea, Im sure she will get the idea soon, but you have only had her a few days, thats not going to indicate anything. It takes her a while to get settled in and they dont get housebroke within a week usually. And even with crate training you should let her out a couple times in the night until she gets a little older.

Also when you take her out at night, maybe take her out on a leash so she can't really run around, so that she understands she is not going outside to play in the middle of the night.

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When we adopted our pound puppy, she was 7 mo. old and not housebroke. I didn't want to crate her b/c I felt it was cruel...but I learned the hard way that it's better to crate her. At first, when her training started, she would basically stay in the crate a good portion of the day. She slept in it at night, we'd get up occassionaly to take her out if we heard her moving around o whimpering. Then during the day, every hour on the hour, I would take her out and repetatively use the command "go potty" and as soon as she did I would praise her. If she went to the bathroom I'd give her about 10-15 min to play before going back into the house and back to the crate. Then an hr later I'd take her out again. If she didn't go, she didn't get play time and went back to the crate.

Dogs won't eliminate where they sleep normally (unless you've left them in a crate for hours on end, in which case it's not the dog's fault, it's the owner's) It only took her a week to start to pick it up. She's had a few accidents since then, but they were few and far between and it was usually my fault for not getting her outside quick enough. After she got the hang of it, I would just put her in the crate at night to sleep and close it. She's learned to hold it through the night (but she's older. Your puppy will need to be taken out more often throughout the night) and I let her roam around the house during the day. If I see her start to squat in the house I get her attention by saying "no" several times quickly and grab her collar, put her on the leash and tell her we go outside for that. She really doesn't have accidents anymore. And we've only had her for 3 weeks.

Now, granted, our pup a bit older than yours, so it will take a little more time...just don't ever yell or scream at the puppy...and remember you can't punish them for something that has happened really more than 30 seconds in the past b/c they won't associate their actions w/ something bad if you let time lapse. Also, the younger the puppy...the more sleep you're going to lose. Our puppy had the misfortune of getting pregnant before we got her and so she JUST had puppies of her own on Monday night...and I have only gotten a total of 6 hrs of sleep since that day. I'm in w/ her constantly checking up on them making sure they're eating, and getting cleaned up and that she's well fed and doesn't need to go to the bathroom. With any young puppy, you can expect to be up a good portion of the night. They are very needy at that age and will of course do things that don't necessarily make you happy...but they learn w/ age b/c of course, dogs love to please
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I don't know that dogs are nocturnal, but they are light sleepers. Two nights is not very long to give your doggy a chance to adjust. And they say a dog can 'hold it' one hour for every month of age. So you are going to be getting up in the middle of the night for a while.
I believe very strongly that a tired dog is a happy dog. Play with your puppy instead of letting her snooze all day. Make sure she runs around so she will sleep more soundly.
There will be times when you wonder what you got yourself into, but when she is grown you will miss the puppy stage.
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I also think you should wear him out a bit before bed time. Its hard as puppies' energy seems to run on forever! And if she hasnt had all her jabs she wont be able to go for long walks either.

Max (9 weeks) has been really good and only cried the first night. He is a bit restless still after a week with us but he is coping well and we are getting a lot more sleep, although I get up at 4.30am to take him out!

I dont think you should let her sleep in your bed just yet though. Try putting her bed next to your bed. I had Max sleeping on the floor next to my side and my arm was hanging off the whole night to comfort him when he was a bit restless. He is now fine with sleeping on his own, albeit under the bed most of the time!

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Lightbulb Yeah

Yep i agree with dogbert and every 1 else, get her tired during the day, so she will knockout at night time, plus she's still a puppy, its a little exciting for her probably... new environment and everything else, maybe give it a couple more days/nights and if shes still at it, maybe a doggy daycare would be an idea, so while u r at work, she will be kept busy... try that
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