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Default Puppy wee wees when excited

Our 5 month old bouvier pub tends to wee wee a little bit when he gets excited. This also happens if we try to lead him by his collar sometimes. Is this normal? Will he just grow out of it? Thanks

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I think it is somewhat normal for some dogs (especially young ones) to do this under certain circumstances.

What is generally going on when this happens? Is it when guests arrive? If so, I'd try making sure he's on leash & sitting when they come through the door. Wait to let them inside until he's calm & quiet. Ask your friends not to look directly at him or crouch down to greet him & continue to walk past him. Then, I'd take him outside to make sure he's done his business outside before leading him back inside to greet your guests in a calm, empty-bladder sort of way.
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Cainan use to do this...ALOT and really bad too! like all his urine just came rushing out.
Then he started doing it when he would get in trouble as well as when i would hook up his leash to his collar to go out to use the potty!
I learned that...well first i put a rug under where i knew he'd stop before he went outside so if he did go...i could just wash the rug and not end up using a ton of paper towels then...
i would tell him to SIT...firmly or if he didnt do it fast if he was just too excited to sit right away he'd still pee, so if i forced his rear end while saying sit...he wouldnt pee because he'd be sitting patiently to get hooked up to his lead.
If he would keep pee'ing while sitting then i'd tell him no, and leave him hooked to his lead and just stand there and wait...not looking at him or anything but just wait about a minute until he seemed to have calmed down and stopped his pee!
At that point he'd learn to hold most of his urine and wouldnt go all the way...
NOW, i still tell him to sit right away and it's helped tremendously...if he really has to go, then he'll go just a little little bit but for the most part...he does absolutely EXCELLENT!
If you pup gets excited...i would merely make him/her sit directly then and there and just wait a minute or so!
If he/she realizes that you are still praising or still giving attention while he/she is still almost sure they'll keep doing so!
GOod luck!

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Amber peed on my hand today when I was talking to my neighbors. I think she got over excited when she saw their dog Sally, a 3 year old yellow lab (looks just like how Amber will be).

It's the first time I have known her to pee when she's excited.
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