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Default 2nd Vaccination and walking

I got my puppy over a month ago. She had her first vaccination then we waited for the required two weeks and then had the second. I was told by the vet to wait another week before taking her out for her first walk. I'm just wondering if this is really necessary and cast in stone. As it stands she had her 2nd last Sat so we're basically waiting til the day after tommorrow so waiting is not that much of a problem but what's the reason?

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Not cast in stone, no, but your vet is doing a 'back covering' exercise by telling you not to walk pup until 2 weeks after.
There is a good chance that she will be fine, but on the other hand a small percentage that she could get sick.
The reason for this is that all vaccines are live, with the DNA core taken out which makes them unable to reproduce in the system. The body then recognises the virus, and makes antibodies for it. Therefore your system has been 'duped' into having the disease. The 2 week wait is just to make sure that all of those antibodies are at the highest possible level for the dog's protection.

I've been on forums before that go into whether the dog should be immunised yearly - there's research to show that it's perhaps not necessary, but to determine whether the dog needs the vaccine again would mean a whole round of blood tests....cheaper and easier to get them re-done every year

If you are that desperate to take her out, keep her on the lead for now, and keep her away from faeces and other dogs unless you know that the other dog has been fully vaccinated.

Hope this helps!!

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