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Old 03-02-2007, 12:34 PM   #1
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Default New Labrador Puppy, need help..

Title: New Labrador Puppy, need help..

We are getting a 7-week-old Labrador puppy in 2 weeks time and need some help:

I am new to dogs, but my wife is used to indoor dogs back in India.
Now I dealing with a working dog
Based on my research here is what I am planning to do:

My wife and me work and leave the house around 7.30 and come back around 5.30 in the evening.
I am planning to get a small crate and build a fence around it in my unfinished basement.
Leave the crate door open so that he can go around inside the fence, this way he will not be locked for almost 10 hours in the crate.
I will be leaving a water bottle attached to the crate.
We are too far away to come down in the afternoon.
I will be doing this around a drain so that it is easy to wash off.

I know that by doing this he will not get potty trained very fast but I donít have a choice.

Take him out early in the morning and in the evening before the meal.
Feed him Puppy Pro Plan Large Breed food twice a day.
In the night we will be putting him in the crate and the crate will be in one of our bedrooms.

We have a 7-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter.

In the evening as soon as we come back we are planning to spend lot of time with him.
Also I will be taking him to a vet as soon as he comes home and also for Obedience lessons.

I will be talking to a vet this weekend.

Here is the list of items I am planning to buy:
  • Crate
  • Small Toys ?
  • Chew Toys ?
  • Puppy Pro Plan Large Breed food
  • Sancks ?
  • Food bowl
  • Water bottle
  • Hair brush
  • Harness and Leash

I have put questions mark some items as I am not exactly sure of what to buy.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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it sounds fairly good...
If I was you though, put an add out for someone that is home during the day like an old lady or retired man that has some puppyknowledge that can help out. a lot of old people dont have the energy fulltime, but to at least keep him company so he does not need to be home alone that much. at that young age it can give the puppy separation anxeity and cause it to stress and stressbehaviour. Wich can make it insecure and that can show up in acting out. Some dogs does adapt fairly well though but just in case.

The rest sounds good and well thought through, especlly the obediance lessons. Cudos to you guys for that! Not enough people train their dogs!

Hope that everything works out fine with the new puppy and dont forget to post puppy pics here later on when you got your new family member..
We can not get enough puppy pics
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Sorry I am not intending to offend you in any way but the puppy will be on its own from 7.30am till 5.30pm . In my opinion this is far tooo long to leave a puppy on its on, not only will it not get potty trained but it will not get socialised either, sorry if this sounds harsh. If it was an adult dog it would be bad enough but with a puppy sorry for me its a no no.
Not being negative, but I am sure most people on here will agree that 10 hours if too long to leave a puppy. They really need human contact and human company at that age.
You say you cant get home between times, can you not get a neighbour or a friend to look after the pupy for you?
With two young childred I take it you have a childminder could you not also get a puppy minder?
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I agree far to long and does the breeder know that you will be leaving him for that long? you need to get a dog sitter
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I really dont want to upset you, but I can't just keep my mouth shut, coz I feel for this lil puppy your gunna get, you really cant think thats an appropriate way to raise a puppy. You sound like you have consciencious planned most other aspects of it all, but im afraid that I beleive if you bring a dog up like this it will develop serious behavioural problems.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease consider a dog walker/pet sitter!

Puppies are ment to be fed 4 times a day when this young, so its guna be a shock if you suddenly stop doing that.

Most people try to get time off work when the pup first comes home, or get them in the holidays so you can bond and house train.

Just think how this puppies gunna feel, being taken away from its mum and siblings ad shut away in a basement on its own!!!!!!!

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Default puppy

you definately need to get yourself a dogsitter,your puppy will need at least 4 meals a day,you need to be there for meal times or you are never going to get this pup toilet trained,no matter how many toys you buy,it does not compensate for lack of human attention a puppy needs

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Lab's have way to much energy to have that sort of live, sorry to say you need a cat.
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Can I ask what made you want a 'working dog' as you put it yourself. Because it seems you lead very busy working lives, wouldn't it be better to get a breed who is happy to lead a less exciting life?

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I have to agree with everyone else. You say you plan to leave your puppy, alone, for 10 hours in a basement, so, no or not much light or even sunlight!!! This little pup is a baby, would you leave a human baby alone with no interaction with another living soul for 10 hours, I think not. I am very sorry to sound so harsh but I just can't believe that someone would leave a small living creature alone for this length of time.

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I really do agree with you maria, the idea of taking a 7 week old, working breed puppy and shutting it in basement for 10 hours makes me very upset

I do hope the prospective owners alter their plans.

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