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Old 04-19-2006, 11:01 AM   #1
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Default I am having second thoughts!

I feel like such a bad person. We already have a 18 month old lab retriever called Billy.

Been talking for ages about getting another dog to keep him company. He is such a good dog.

Well last sat we got a Jack Russell/Patterdale Cross bitch called Daisy. Billy doesn't seem to like her and the whole puppy naughtiness is rubbing off on him big time.

I really don't feel well about having her!! She is a lovely little dog but i couldn't cope with having to retrain Billy. He's become terrible since we got Daisy.

What do i do!?

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When I first got my Rotti pup my 10 year Doberman was grumping a lot of the time but you have to take controll of the situation . I had a crate for her and if it got too bad I put her in the crate till things quitened down. It took a while but now they are best off pals. Infact the Doberman keeps winding her up and wanting to play. It is a lot of fun now but it took weeks of hard work getting here. It is very upsetting for dogs getting pushed from piller to post, please think long and hard about the final outcome.

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You take a deep breath, open a bottle of wine and chill out for a bit

It will calm down - honest! I went through exactly the same when I got my last pup, it was hell on earth let loose in my house for a couple of weeks. And now I wouldn't be without her.
They're just getting used to it, Billy will soon realise that Daisy is here to stay and that he can actually have fun with her.
Give them some more time before you make any big decisions. If you send Daisy back (if indeed that is an option..) then you may well beat yourself for years to come with the 'what ifs'
Seperate them if it gets too much - it may well be a good idea to crate train Daisy so that they both have some time out.
Billy will start being naughty again - if you let him! it's up to you as the leader of the pack to keep him in check. Take him out seperately for some quality time and re-visit his training while you're out. They don't 'forget' their training so to speak, they just need a reminder now and then. And do the same with Daisy - start on her training immediately.

Good Luck and let us know how you get on!

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