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Lightbulb English Shepherd Puppies

So I've been wanting a puppy for the past couple years and my parents have been pretty good at refraining me from doing so. But now that I am living back at home with them for the next couple of years as I finish school, I won't have to worry about raising a puppy in an apartment. It just so happens that my girlfriend is breeding her English Shepherd and asked if I would be interested in one of the puppies. A few things off the bat:

1: Money is not a non-issue, but it is not an issue either.
2: We have two very large labradoodles that are the best dogs we've ever had. I would anticipate a strong guidance from them to any puppy I would get. The reason I want a puppy is that these are large, high maintenance dogs, they're older, and they're really my parents dogs (despite what they might think). I really want a daily and weekend companion that I can take places. I live in the PNW and would love to take a dog Jeeping with me on the weekends.
3: Convincing the parents is the biggest concern.

So my questions are directed to English Shepherd owners, but any input is appreciated:

1: Both parents are said to be pretty laid back dogs (I know the mother is) and to seal the deal MY parents would need convincing that, despite looks, these are NOT border collies. (i.e. high energy)
2: I know this is said to be a farm breed, but I do not live on a farm. We live next to a river with two adjacent neighbors, and while there is outside space, there is not a ton of acreage. Would this kind of dog REQUIRE land to stretch his/her legs on daily.
3: I will have about two months of daily attention to give until the semester starts again, at which point I will have to leave the puppy for up to 6 hours in either a crate, or with my other dogs in a safer location (can't destroy anything or harm itself). Is this okay for this breed?
4: Quick one, can they hunt?

Sorry for the long post, and again, ANY information is very much appreciated. This is not my first puppy by any means, but it would be my first experience with this specific breed. I am trying to gather as much information as possible before I drop it onto my parents.


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Godley, welcome to the forum. I do not have any experience with English Shepherds, so cannot answer your questions. I do know that you can do an internet search and find many sites that list the characteristics and needs of various breeds. That being said, we have many members on this forum, and I'm sure someone will come along who can answer your questions. Hope you get your puppy. Good luck.

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Hi Godley and welcome aboard Glad you could join us Now regarding the other 2 dogs who certainly can help mentor your new pup (which must be 8 weeks + old before leaving mum and the other litter mates)
plenty of human training/interaction must take place too to insure the very best start in the pups life! While they aren't border collies they are still sheperding dogs and will herd people and other animals!
So they will need mental and physical stimulation. Check out or other similar sites via Google. Good Luck and let us know what happens!
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Welcome to Dog Forum!
Puppies are a lot of work. It will still be a puppy after you go back to school after 2 months.
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Don't know the comparison of which is more high energy but English shepherds are also high energy.
This seems to be an informed article: National English Shepherd Rescue | English Shepherd Dog Rescue Group
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english shepherd puppy

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