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Old 12-30-2013, 07:04 PM   #1
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Exclamation 3-Month-Old Beagle-x and Biting

Hello, forum!

Sherlock is a bit bitey—which is expected from a puppy and especially his breed—but the usual things don't seem to be working:
  • Yelping when he bites too hard
  • Redirecting with chew toys
  • Telling him firmly, "No."
  • Bitter Lime Spray
  • Pressing down on his tongue
  • Gently holding his muzzle shut
I'll admit, I don't know about those last two. Those were recommended by people I know personally with very well-adjusted, well-trained dogs, and I absolutely refuse to "hit" him ("swat" is more the term, but I reserve that to a very gentle swat when he jumps over our baby gate or eats Summer's, our other dog's, food.)

I can't afford a dog trainer or behaviorist and plan to start him in obedience classes in February before his 5-month birthday. He must have his rabies shot first, and the city doesn't offer classes following January 25 until nearly mid-month February.

Most of the biting seems to be play biting, but he'll outright go for everybody's hands, toes, and will lunge at people's faces. I'm afraid he's going to bite one of my guests or neighbors really hard one of these days if this problem isn't taken care of immediately, so any advice would be helpful.
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Old 12-31-2013, 08:52 AM   #2
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Hi Mandy you have given a long list there but how long have you been trying one of them for? A few days or so is not long enough for the association to kick in that it's not acceptable to nip/bite. Any way try this when he does nip/bite you just get up and walk away don't give any contact what so ever so no eye contact, no speaking to him, no touching him Nothing '0' Zero contact
Don't expect results over night. Training is all about being consistant and repetious (Repeating over and over again) So don't keep swapping methods the dog will get confused and won't understand! Once again good luck and let us know how you get on!
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Originally Posted by Bigboy View Post
Don't expect results over night. Training is all about being consistant and repetious (Repeating over and over again) So don't keep swapping methods the dog will get confused and won't understand!
So true!

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I have pug/beagle mix but he got about 90% of the beagle looks and traits LOL, aren't I lucky? ANYWAY, yes you are correct, this a breed thing as well as a puppy thing. Puppies will be puppies. I got Mikey at the age of 2 and he STILL did this. He's still a very rough player but no longer bites as he used to but he still will sometimes.

My best advice would be to when he does this, completely ignore and stop all playing. That worked for me and was the most effective thing. This all seems to be play to me as well, so I really wouldn't worry. Like BB said, things aren't going to work OVERNIGHT, but it will eventually.

As the owner of a Beagle mix, I know that ignoring them will be difficult, especially a cute fun puppy, but that is what worked for me.

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Welcome to df! You have been given very good advice. It just takes awhile and will get better. Let us know and going to a training class is a very good idea too. It's for both of you.
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I just would like to share my experience with a pug I had in the past. Her name is Catcher. She was adorable but as a pup, she really tested my patience. I guess the thing about puppies, nipping, biting and chewing is you have to be consistent when you want them to follow what you want them to do. I found this helpful instructional on how to deal with puppies who love to bite and chew stuff around the house: How to Stop Puppy Biting

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