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Default Noisy Baby.

I have a beautiful 10 week old blue whippet bitch. I love her to bits but her yelping and whining first thing in the morning and last thing at night is getting me down. (Probably the neighbours too!) She sleeps in a large crate at night and wakes up around 5.30-6.30 am and I take her out in the garden. She is very clean and doesn't soil in her crate. I give her a small feed and put her back in the crate and go back to my bed and that's when she starts! I have tried ignoring her but I am afraid My neighbours will start complaining if I let her go on for too long. I have tried being firm with her and saying no to her in a firm voice and that shuts her up until I go back upstairs then she starts again. I have had her for nearly three weeks now and I have an older dog who sleeps near her crate so she is not alone in the room. What else can I do Does anyone have any good suggestions PLEASE!!

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HI Rhonnie and welcome to

Try a radio on low the help her with her separation axiety.

Can you possibly wait to let her out till you get up ? If you are getting up at 7 or 8 am anyway it may work out ok.

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My puppy Harvey has just found his voice - He's 10 weeks old and has gone to bed every night so far with no problems - then all of a sudden last night he didnt want to go to bed. I did all my normal things take him out for a wee, give him a cuddle and make a fuss and then put him to bed. But last night he barked and barked i didnt go down to him because everyone says you shouldnt - i left him barking and whining for almost 2 hours at which point i thought that the neighbours would soon be banging my door!

I went downstairs, took him out for another wee, tried to settle him again but the minute i left the room he started barking!!

I tried sitting in the room in the dark - moving further and further away from his crate but the minute i was out of sight he barked!

In the end i left all the lights on, turned the radio on and went to bed leaving him to bark till he feel asleep!

If it happens again tonight i dont know what i'm going to do???

How's your baby doing??
Always wishing it was the weekend!!

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Instead of feeding her from her bowl then putting her in her crate, why not fill a Kong with her breakfast and put it in the crate with her instead?
That way it will occupy her for a bit, and you can get a few more minutes rest.

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