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Old 12-02-2006, 08:17 PM   #1
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Default Puppy Is Extremely Agressive!

So on friday my brother bought a 6 1/2 wk old purebred Amstaff puppy.

It will not play without biting, and when it does, we usually yell "no!" and push the dog away. This morning it was doing it, my brother pushed it away, and it ran for my brothers finger and managed to draw blood.

What do we do?
I'm extremely scared about this puppy growing up bad!

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I'd like to offer some suggestions, take them or leave them, I am not a professional. This little guy is only 6 1/2 weeks old.

You can try something nasty tasting on your hands and he will figure out it isn't pleasant to eat hands. PetSmart or PetCo have sour apple or some other no chew spray. I know yelling comes sort of natural when you are getting your hand eaten, but try to stay calm and use a low assertive voice when you say no, try and not yell.

When he trys to chew on you, replace your hand immediately with some sort of chew stick. Be careful what you buy though. I'd suggest CET (try your vet, they clean the teeth and provide chewing), or Bullies, or even a toy Kong or such.

I have heard in the wolf world, when the parents are teaching the young to hunt in the pack: They will grasp the puppy's mouth in theirs and growl. Now, I am not suggesting you try and grab your pups mouth with yours, or you may be missing something more valuable than a finger. But get down on his level, gently grasp his mouth with your hand and low growl, finishing with a low NO.

Good Luck, remember he is only 6 weeks and patience and consistency work wonders.

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Old 12-03-2006, 03:11 AM   #3
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First off, no puppy should be taken away from it's mother before it's 8-10 weeks old. That puppy is likely not yet weaned properly.

Also, because he was taken away too early, he has not learned social skills and bite inhibition. Bite inhibition is basically where the puppies play together, and learn not to bite very hard.

My suggestion is to make sure that he gets all proper shots and vet care, wait until he is older, and take him to puppy classes. A professional trainer will help you to deal with this situation.

I would also consult a veternarian to make sure that he is getting the proper nutrition. As he is so young, pupppy food may not be giving him every thing he needs to grow properly.
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Old 12-03-2006, 04:47 AM   #4
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Good suggestions, especially about nutrition - and no, no puppy should be taken away before it's 8 weeks minimum...I despair of some breeders! However, it's done and you have the puppy so here's what I think:

Do not wait until puppy training classes to start teaching you pup about biting or you are all going to be black and blue for months to come yet and his bite is only going to get harder. CamzKees was quite right about bite inhibition but they do not automatically learn it in the one and a half weeks extra he would have been with his siblings, all puppies bite at first! Do Not 'yell' at your puppy or push him away. Yelling will only frighten him (he doesn't understand what he's doing wrong) and pushing him away will make him think it's a game. I don't think you need to start spraying your hands straight away with nasty tasting stuff. Either use the above suggestion about holding his mouth and saying 'no' or, as we did with our most recent pup, when he bites you, take your hand away and make yelping noises (he will understand those), then turn your back on him and move away totally ignoring him so that he knows he has just ended the game.

I'm afraid nothing for puppy biting will be a quick fix though. We ended up having to try loads of different methods before we found one that worked with Meg, our older dog. It can take a couple of months to stop totally, though you should find that it gets far more gentle and just sometimes rough when the puppy is over-excited, at which point it is a good idea to use time-out and end games etc until he has calmed down.

Hope this has helped a bit and don't worry, it definately doesn't mean your pup is aggressive. If you see puppies play together all you ever hear is loud yelping as they learn what is acceptable pressure to use on one another with their teeth

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Helo Amstafflover and welcome to

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Hi and welcome to the forum from me and my Gang. As regards your puppy I would not say he is aggresive just a typicall 6 week old puppy who is really too young to be away from his mother and his siblings. He will need patience on your part as the others have said it will take time and patience to fix, as he does not realise that he is doing anything wrong.
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hes far too young to be away from his mother. BTW what is an AmSTaff???
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Hi and welcome!
I cannot add to much to what has bee said but I do want to emphasize that ALL puppies nip and it has nothing to do with them being aggressive. Human babies grab with their hands, dog babies grab with their mouths. They need to be taught not to grab "too hard" and the only way to do this is to let them know over and over and over again not to. It takes weeks if not months, for some reason this is a very hard lesson to learn. And their pittle teeth are sharp.
You can try:
1) yelp and pull your hand back, then do NOTHING for 1 minute. Puppy should learn that when he nips, all the fun stops.
If tha does not seem to help you can try grabbing the snout and say "no bite". Do not yell or make a huige deal out of it.
At any rate, good luck, and yes, getting the pup at 6-1/2 weeks only makes sense if the puppy's mother was not willing to take care of the pup. If the people you got the pup from however deliberately sold you the puppy that young for not good reason, well, stay away from them. They have no clue about dogs.
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Originally Posted by lassie View Post
hes far too young to be away from his mother. BTW what is an AmSTaff???
American Staffordshire Terrier.

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Do not push him back (that is dog language for "let's play!") and do not yank your hand back (that will encourage him to chase your hand). If he starts biting, FREEZE your hand, let out a very loud yelp or "OUCH!!!!" If he keeps on trying, then do it again, but this time, stand up and ignore him. If he tries jumping and biting at your feet etc. Then let out another loud yelp or "OUCH!!!" go in another room, and shut the door behind you, leaving him out of the room. Ignore him for a minute or so, then go ahead and go back out there.

This is normal puppy behavior, not aggression. I had to deal with the same thing with my corgi when I first brought him home (puppy needle teeth! AHHHH!!!).

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