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Default Going to toilet near his bed..

My JRT was doing so well before with house breaking, but now i don't know whats happended but hes decided to start going to toilet by his bed! im not sure why he's gone and done that..but he does it again and again..

at first i thought perhaps hes starting to mark territory? hes 15weeks old now. i use to leave the back door open so he'd go out by himself to the loo, but now he wont even bother going to the loo on his own, unless i go walk with him outside n wait for him to go..

i have given him a new rug under his bed..could that be a possible cause? or is it cos its been raining lately?
im just so confused as to why hes suddenly started going to the toilet in the house again!!

would like to hear any advice if possible!

many thanks!

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I'd start from scratch again. It might very well be the rain, he's still a baby and so the rain might be uncomfortable or scary or just a bit intimidating for him.

Take him out (don't expect him to go out himself) immediately after he's woken up and after he's eaten and after he's had a drink and then on top of that every couple of hours. Actually take him out on a leash (so he doesn't think you're going out there to play) and wait for him to go (if you have to walk him around, do so..but come back to the same spot in the yard if you can each time).
As soon as he starts say 'go pee' and then wait for him to finish and praise like heck "good pee!". Be consistant.
Never let him out of your sight at home so you can keep an eye on him in case he starts to show signs that he needs to go out.
If you have to go out and can't watch him, put him in his crate (if you don't have one...get one, they're fantastic) so that he doesn't have access to the rest of the house to pee.
It might be a good idea not to put any bedding in the crate just to begin with so that if he does pee in there he has to deal with the pee. Bedding tends to soak it up and can actually make the bedding warm and pleasant for pups so they don't learn anything from it.

The crate should be a good thing, like the dog version of our own bedrooms. If you want info on crate training either let me know and I'll PM you some links or do a google search for it. There's plenty of info out there.


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