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roseq 11-24-2006 12:06 AM

Puppy is annoying my adult dog!
We just got a 16 week old puppy and she is really annoying our older dog. The adult dog has always been submissive to EVERYONE, never snapped, never growled, even with my children pulling on her. She is the sweetest thing. She has always loved other dogs.

So... we got a puppy. Well the adult dog HATES the puppy. I don't know what to do I'm so upset! I thought the older dog would love having a playmate, but after being jumped on so many times she starts to growl. The puppy isn't getting the hint.

FYI the adult dog is a pug/pom and the newcoming is a pug/boston terrier.

What should I do?? Should I keep them apart?

MrsRottie 11-24-2006 05:09 AM

Hi and welcome :)

What lovely pics - thank you!

It sounds fairly normal behaviour from both of your dogs, your adult dog will recognise that the newbie is a pup, and whilst she is grumbling/growling at her, it's very unlikely to progress to something too nasty. The adult will tell the pup off if she gets jumped on too many times - as would you or I!
I doubt very much there is any hate there at all, just a little grumpiness.
As much as is possible, leave them to it - but supervise at all times. They have to sort it out for themselves. They will soon get used to each other and become mates.

Best of Luck and let us know how they get on!

Borzoi mad 11-24-2006 11:43 AM

Hi and welcome to the forum from me and my Gang. Great picture
I would agree with Mrs R it will just take time till they get used to each other. Do keep us posted.

Doberman's 11-24-2006 11:48 AM

Welcome to :)

louby 11-24-2006 03:19 PM

my collie didnt think much of our setter when we first got her but now she knows her place they are great together, dont worry give them time, you have been given good advise above so go with it.

roseq 11-26-2006 04:42 PM

Thanks everyone. They have actually played twice this weekend, with Lucy (older) taunting the puppy. It was a subtle difference, still a lot of grumbling, but her tail was up and she was "butt running" (running around crazy with her butt close to the ground). So, they're not the best of friends just yet but things are looking better. :)

Borzoi mad 11-26-2006 05:26 PM

Glad to hear there has been a little improvement. It will just take time to keeep us updated as to how how they progress.

MxdBreedlvr 12-01-2006 01:44 PM

Please keep your eye on them.
I don't agree with letting dogs work things out themselves.
To me thats like letting two people duke it out until things get sorted.
You now have a pack, and its up to you to let the puppy know when to stop bothering your older dog.

If the younger dog is pestering your older dog all the time its not very pleasant for her.
She may not be fighting back or reprimanding the pup because if she see's you as pack leader thats your job.
If the pup gets too rambuctious around her, and you can see that the older dog is getting upset, remove the pup, or at least let the pup know her behaviour isn't acceptable.
You make the rules, not the dogs.
This is all new to your dog, make sure you make one on one time still with her without the pup.

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