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Old 11-12-2006, 03:10 PM   #1
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Default Puppy Eating

Hi guys just joined the forum and have a couple of questions bout my new 7 week old JRT pup!!

It was her first full day after picking her up, she ate like a horse on all three feeds, except this morning when i fed her, she ate nothing. Nothing this afternoon and nothing tonight!!

She goes hell for leather running around when shes awake, when she hasn't just dropped down and fell asleep, which reminds me she sleeps 3/4 of the day!!!!

I can't figure it out, she just refuses to eat, but she will drink!!

Also, first night here she slept all through no hassell, second night she just wouldn't sleep! I've been advised to put her bed in a box high enough so she can't jump out and have her next to the bed!!

Will this work??

And any suggestions on the feed problem wouldn't go amiss either!!

Thanx for the time in reading my essay, but i'm slightly worried that shes not eating!!

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Old 11-12-2006, 03:30 PM   #2
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Hi there and welcome!

Firstly the amount she sleeps is normal...treasure it before shes bigger and bouncing off the walls! The eating thing could just be all the new stuff that's going on around her - new people, new place, being taken away from her mum and siblings. As long as she's drinking that's obviously a good sign and as long as she's happy enough, interested in things and playing when she's awake and isn't mopey like she could be poorly or something then the eating should right itself in a couple of days once she's not so distressed. What are you actually trying to feed her?

It depends where you want you pup to sleep really because I'm a firm believer in starting as you mean to go on. Our puppy's have never been allowed to sleep in the bedroom, which is a personal choice but I'd say where ever you have her sleeping it would be a good idea to crate train her rather than have her in a box. Does she cry at night? She might have slept the first night because of the exhaustion of all the new things happening but if she's like our puppy she screamed the house down all night for nearly a week. If she does start crying, whatever you do, don't go to her. It sounds mean and I've nearly cracked before now but as soon as you go to her she'll associate yelling with getting what she wants - your attention.

If she's not eating after another couple of days it might be worth a trip to the vets just to get her checked over, I always think you can't be too careful with very young pups. Just keep an eye on her general demenour in the mean time and try to tempt her with nice things perhaps if you're really pulling your hair out. Good luck

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Hi GreenVanMan and welcome

It is right for you to be worried. There is a chance that she simply ate so much yesterday that she is not hungry today. She could also be scared. As long as she is drinking you can be reasonably sure you do not have a serious problem. If she stops drinking take her to the vet asap.

But it is not good that you picked her up and she is only 7 weeks old. Normally puppies stay with their mom until they are 8 wks old, this helps them learn good behavior from their littermates and mom.

So if in this case it was not possible because something happened to the mother then it is understandable. If however someone sold you this dog there is a good chance that it is not healthy and/or has not had its first vaccinations. Puppies start to lose their natural immunity starting at the age of 6 weeks, and vaccinations should start shortly thereafter.

If she has not had her first shots I would get her in there asap for that anyway.

Good luck!!
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Welcome to

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Our pups ate like they had never had enough food for their first two weeks with us. Now I think they know that they will be given food 3 times a day so they don't eat as much, they stop when they're full. We may actually have been overfeeding them because they always seemed to be so hungry but it's all settling down now.

We think they had to fight to get food when they were with their littermates and maybe never got enough at the breeder's. (The breeder told us she only fed them twice a day, poor things!!!!!)

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