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Default Treats

Hi. I've searched this forum for kong recipes and there are lots of great ones. I just wanted to make sure that they are okay for puppies as well. Isis is just over 3 months old. I was giving her a kong with peanut butter in it to keep her busy while I had a shower in the evenings when my bf is at work. I have been noticing that her stools are pretty loose and I've read that peanut butter might be the cause. So I was looking for something else to put in her kong, puppies have more sensitive tummies than full grown dogs right?

Is it okay to peel and cube an apple for her? What about cucumbers? I know that grapes, raisins and onions are not good.


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Raw carrots used to work well for Chessie (after I learned to cut them in odd enough sizes so that she couldn't just shake them out the hole in her kong :-) ) She still loves her daily carrots and I wonder sometimes if that was because of her puppy-kong days.
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I take plain yogurt and some kibble, mix it together and stuff MacKenzie's empty marrow bones, then freeze them. I do up half a dozen of the bones at the same time and keep them in the freezer until needed.

I could do the same with his kong but he only has one and it would never get refilled and frozen often enough..

BTW peanut butter doesn't bother Kenzie but that's not to say it won't bother Isis. I'd take him off of it for a week and see if it makes a difference in his stool. It may not be the culprit!

I can't give Kenzie raw carrots because he doesn't chew them. A couple of friends and I were having a roadside picnic when we were travelling last summer. We gave each of the two dogs those 'baby carrots' to keep them busy while we ate. Keeter was fine with hers', MacKenzie waited two days and then threw them up - they were still whole...

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Peanut butter used to give Peyton the runs and also make him UBER hypre when he was younger.

KONG makes a puppy formula peanut butter flavored filling that we used for Peyton and he loved it, although it got somewhat expensive to keep buying it.

What I do now, is plug the bottom hole with a bit of peanut butter, then fill the kong with kibble, some random assortment of tretas (I love to use the Charlee Bear treats because they are only 3 calories a piece so I don't feel too abd about using a handful of them!) and maybe a bit of shredded cheese etc but not often. Then, I fill the kong with hot water or low sodium chicken stock, cover the top hole with peanut butter and freeze it for a few hours. I just stick it upright in a coffee mug so incase anything drains out, its not all over my freezer lol. The freezing REALLY, REALLY helps. Peyton's extra large Kong classic takes him 45 minutes to an hour to completely finish. Great to give him when we leave the house.

Others have recommended plain yogurt, definitely a good mixing ingredient. Apples, carrots, green beans, etc can all be added if you want.

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