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Default Teething l'apso

7 weeks old and biting stuff,not any old stuff,fingers!!

He may go to chews,toys etc,but loves fingers.Even if the toys are in your hand he'll go to your fingers eventually.

How can we stop this?

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I remember when I got my first puppy I was so worried about all the biting that was going on! But don't worry - it's totally normal! He's learning bite inhibition, which he would normally learn from his litter mates (which is why you always hear puppies together squeeling as they learn how hard they can bite without hurting), but now you've got to be the teacher.

There are quite a few ways people find to stop biting, and none of them are overnight fixes so your fingers may be the target for a while longer yet! I'd say the most basic one is when your puppy bites you, make a yelping noise, turn away and ignore the puppy - they've just ended the game by biting you. That worked perfectly for my 16 week old pup but my choc lab (now 2) was a total nightmare and that had absolutely no effect on her at all. I think another method people use is when the puppy bites you, reprimand it with e.g. a firm 'NO!' and then put a toy that it can chew into its mouth instead. Again, didn't work for my choc lab. We found the only way to get her to stop biting was to put your finger on her tongue and say 'NO!' firmly.

Basically different things work for different dogs so maybe start with the yelping thing and of course - be persistent, don't just try it for a couple of days and think it's not working, it does usually take time and your puppy is still very young.

Usually for these questions some other people on here have a good website to hand that they can recommend to you too.

Good luck! Hope that helps

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He is still very much a baby and as MegBonnie says this is natural behaviour to him. He is actualy a bit young to be away from his mum and she would put him in his place when he bit too hard to teach him not to do this I have heard that if you let out a yelp when he bites you such as his siblings or his mum would do - this acts as a deterrent. Also he is teething and just like a human baby his little gums are sore. You could try putting his rubber toys in the freezer or his chewy bones and cooling them down this may help to relieve the pain in his gums. Do keep us posted as to how you get on. All puppies are different and what works for one does not allways
work for another.
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