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Old 10-19-2006, 11:02 AM   #1
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Question A few puppy questions!!

Hi, I have a 13 week old rottie x gsd dog. He is submissive peeing, usually only first thing in the morning when I go downstairs, I try to ignore him and just open the door but he is usually reluctant to go outside so I have to grab him which makes him excited and he pees! I also wondered at what age they are usually house trained, he is getting better but still pee's quite often in the house. My final question is about aggressive behaviour, he loves running and rolling around with my children but a couple of times it seems to have gone a bit too far and he sounds quite aggressive and has snapped at the children (my son has a couple of scratches on his face but I'm not sure if they are from claws or teeth). Is this still puppy behaviour and something that he will grow out of or is it more than that. I'm getting quite concerned because he will obviously be quite a large dog when adult. i hope someone is able to answer my questions, I'm sorry there are so many of them!

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Welcome Mazzyruss...
I went through the exact same thing with mine...he did the submissive peeing whenever my husband would come home from husband had to ingnore him and walk right past him...and eventually it stopped...about 1-2 breaking was good...only took about 3-4 months before completely house broke... but I also took him out every time he woke-up, after he ate or drank, after playing....(took him out alot)...but in the end he got the ideal...alot of work for me for a few months...but fast training! As far as the biting.... all puppies do that.....we would yelp when he started to mouth us...that didn't I started to give him a gentle tap on the nose...enough so that he got the idea not to mouth...I don't know when the change happened but now..ALL he does is licks lick lick...everyone and everything..go figure...does bother me...just the kids

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Old 10-20-2006, 04:16 AM   #3
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Hi and welcome

Yes, ignore the peeing, it will eventually stop. Walk past him as though he isn't there.....
When he's mid wee, try clapping and shouting loudly to break the flow, then grab him and take him out, rather than getting him while he's still peeing.

Re the playing - I don't think it's aggressive behaviour at this stage, it's more puppy play going a bit too far. In the litter one of the other pups or Mum would soon put a stop to it with a yelp (in the puppy's case) or a shake (in Mum's case).
How old are your children? When play goes too far, they need to understand that they have to put a stop to it, ie getting up and walking away, turning their back on the pup etc. If your son has got scratches on his face, I owuld put a stop to 'same level' play for a while - ask your son to bend down and play with the pup for a while rather than being on the same level as him. It's a lot easier to stop play that way than if you're underneath a squirming pup
It IS normal puppy behaviour, but you have to make a decision as to what is and isn't allowed and be consistent. With kids of any age (certainly younger than teenage) the play should be supervised at all times by yourself, then you can step in and correct when needed.

Good Luck and can we see some photos please??

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I've attached a pic of him (mars), although it was taken a few weeks ago.

My children are very young, my son is nearly 3 and my daughter is only 14 months. My daughter is not really interested in mars, but she does occasionally give him a nice stroke and both she and mars are really gentle. However, my son is a typical boisterous boy, I have tried to tell him to be calm around mars but it usually goes in one ear and out the other! We have a 'dog den' underneath our stairs where we put mars for a bit of time out if the playing gets a bit too much and we also put him there when he is sleepy so that the children don't disturb him. I want the children to play with mars because if he is separated from them he will not learn how to behave around them. I'm reassured that you say this is just puppy behaviour so hopefullly he should grow into a lovely family pet. I've told my son to shout 'no' and stop playing with mars if the play gets too much. This seems to be working at the moment so fingers crossed!

Going back to the housetraining, does anyone know at what age he should be trained?

Thanks for your replies.
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Just so you know, if your son yipes like a puppy and stops playing immediately, it will work better than a "no."

I've posted this link several times, but it's because I think it's so helpful for teaching pups to play nice with humans. It's written by Dr. Ian Dunbar and I can only say that I wish I'd read it when I first got Maddi.

Most dogs cannot be expected to be fully house-trained until 6mo and it seems typical for a relapse at about 1 year old. However, how quickly your dog gets it depends on you. The more mistakes he makes in the house, the more difficulty you will have training him out of the habit.

When you're home, tether him to you so he can't wander off. Crate him when tethering it not an option. Take him out regularly (only you will know his routine), and praise/ reward lavishly for pooing/peeing outside. If he makes a mistake inside, correct with a calm "uh, uh" and wisk him outside. Don't reprimand him for previous accidents OR ones he does in front of you because they are, generally, counter-productive. Also, you'll need to take a blacklight through your house to find any area he's gone in and clean it up with an ezymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle or Petastic.

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Last edited by Becky; 10-20-2006 at 12:35 PM.. Reason: additional info

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Well you are in something of a tricky situation. Both boy and dog mean well, but neither understands the other's cues. Puppy does not know that getting all excited and snapping at everything in sight out of sheer rambunctiousness can hurt human skin. Boy does not know that shreiking and flapping arms can rile up a young puppy.

If it were me I would keep an eye on them. Those sharp puppy teeth could hurt your boy. And I know it is hard, but try to get him to stop roughousing. A large adult dog who thinks that roughhousing is an allowed method of play can be quite the handful.

By the way I am not sure that there is one sure-fire way to get apuppy to stop nipping. What works for one may or may not work for another. About the only thing I am sure of is that it takes weeks if not months because this is one thing that they seem not to "get" after 2 or 10 reprimands.

Good luck!
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Welcome to

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I have been having the same problems with my puppy so reading this thread has really helped me.So now i know its normal behaviour i can relax!

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hi welcome
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hi and welcome
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