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Default Very young puppy.

My boyfriend and I were given a puppy last week by a mutual friend of ours. Long story short, she was doing book work for a client when the client told her if the litter of puppies werent gone by the end of the week they would be put down. The puppy is a 4-5 weeks old Aussie Shepherd.

Im not sure of the exact reasoning as to why they gave the puppies away. We were more or less told they were an accidental litter.

We asked the owner of a local pet store what we should be feeding her. We were told that canned dog milk as well as soft canned puppy food with a minimal mix of hard puppy food would be sufficient enough. In your opinion/experience is this enough/correct for a young puppy?

Also, a friend of ours told us, due to her being so young, she will need constant companionship for the next couple weeks. Is this true? What is the best way to properly handle/socialize such a young puppy?

Any additional help or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Hi xKatex Iam no expert as I have never had a puppy at such a early age mine was around 8 weeks old. I would suspect at only at 4 - 5 weeks old the puppy would still be on it's mothers milk ( don't quote me on that though) and would think there is special milk formulars that you can buy and feed the puppy quite regular. Iam sure some one here can advise on feeding such a young puppy. I do wish people would get their dogs speyed/neutred so these silly accidents wouldn't happen it's not right especialy if you aren't going to breed off them!

A puppy at that young age will need a heck of a lot of care. The pup will need deworming as it's no longer being weaned ( the mothers milk has some immunity in it) And the vaccinations too will have to be given again these are quite regular and your local vet will advise you as and when the pup should have them. I know the last vaccinations is at around 12 weeks old. there are some before that though. Then it's annualy. I suggest that you get a small dog bed with some nice soft bedding and a old clean 'T' shirt rubbed over your body with a ticking clock watch this will re assure the pup that he/she is not alone! Also at such a young age I would stay with the puppy till he/she is around 8 weeks old then the puppy should be able to sleep with out you constantly being in the same room. I do hope this helps you some what and bless you for taking such a young puppy in to your life Prehaps you could call the puppy Lucky?! Let us know how you get on with your new addition. ATB
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hopefully applesmom see this thread and will help you. The owners should be shot in my opinion that they can't even take the time to take care of the pups

I have never had such young pups so I don't know.. but it will need extra care and socialisation for sure.

good luck!!
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It's wonderful that you have given this lovely girl a good home. I hope all goes well. I brought my Paddy, a GSD x Maremma, home at 4 weeks of age. His Mum rejected her 10 pups and the owners were very elderly and not well so they had to find urgent homes for them. I fed Paddy on puppy porridge, weetbix and a good brand of canned puppy food, then at 6 weeks he had puppy kibble as well. Paddy went to puppy preschool at 6 weeks. He is now 7, healthy apart from arthritis in the back legs and weighs 120lb.

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