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Cool Some issues with my Golden Shepherd mix

Hello all and thanks for taking your time to help. About 2 months ago rescued a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix puppy at 13 weeks old by the name of Samantha (Sam). She is an awesome dog, very intelligent, lots of energy. She is a bit opn the small side considering now she is 5moths old and is only about 24 pounds; who know maybe she'll have a growth spirt. But any ways here is my issues with Sam that i cant seem to crack and was hoping for some advice in.

1) Bites a lot, she is only being playful and trying to get our attention but i have a 2 year old and it isnt cool.

2) Potty in the house, she goes outside and does great. I have here trained so when i say (go potty) she goes which is awesome. But i would like to show her to let me know when to go out. In her crate she will go 8 hours holding it with no issue, outside i have to watch her cause she will just go.

thats about all, like i said she is a great pooch, and i am very attached to her she is much more of a good dog then i expected....

MAN I HOPE SHE GETS BIGGER... any estemates out there??

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Hi kmpressor and welcome to the forum.

At 13 weeks it's normal for a puppy to nip. This is how they explore the world (they don't have hands to pick things up to stick into their mouths ) and it's how they play with their littermates. We had a gal recently with a similar issue so if you don't mind I'll post the link to her thread, it may have some relevant tips for you too.

As far as housetraining your pup, having a 13 week old puppy in a crate for 8 hrs is pushing it. The rule of thumb is to take th age in months and add one, that is the number of hours they can "hold it." They really don't have much bladder or bowel control at that age, by the time they realize they need to go, they already are (kind of like a baby in diapers) so you may need an extra supply of patience. We have a thread in our FAQ that might help you:

Good luck!
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Skunkstripe said it well. She's just a pup at this point and puppies will be puppies. Avoid any any games that involve biting your hands or any other part of you. Make sure she gets plenty of exercise, running at her own pace, walking calmly on the leash with you. Reward her being calm rather than trying to punish her for nipping.

She is young and has plenty of growing left to do yet. Generally, dogs grow up for the first year and out for the second. A good diet will provide your pup with all the nutrients she needs to grow into the dog she will be. Let nature takes it's course and before long you will have a great lump that hogs the couch just like the rest of us.

As to house training, dogs love a routine. Try to gauge the time it takes for her to go once she is outside when you know she needs to go. That might help to give you an idea of where she is at figuring it out. Also learn to look for the signs that she wants to go. Reward that when you find it.

Above all, be patient. Like you, she is also learning and so, you must show that you are there to help and guide her. In time she will learn to trust you and things will come much faster.

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Hi The nipping is normal in pups buy shouldn't be tolerated even if you don't have children. Try redirecting her to a favourite toy, or let a out a high pitched yelp then move awy and totaly ignore the pup for 10 mins. Same applies if the pup is having a cuddle on the sofa and it nips yelp and then put the pup on the floor and totaly ignore she will soon learn that this behaviour is not going to be tolerated one bit. Consistancy and repetition are the keys to success. Good luck ATB
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