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Default Puppy Housetraining

I was wondering if anybody might have so tips on how to teach a dog to let me know when they need to go outside. Tynan is very good with doing his business outside right away, but it would be nice to teach him to let me know when he needs to go outside.

For example, Snoopy sits by the front door when he needs to go.

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My puppy is at that stage too. He doesn't whine at the door or anything. If I don't see him go to it, he just squats where he is. I just made a doggy doorbell for him using a couple christmas bells and a long piece of cloth. I hung it on a hook low next to the door and I either have him tap it with his paw (with my help) or I tap it on the way out depending on how much of a hurry it is. I thought I'd have a problem with him just playing with it but surprisingly I haven't. They suggest putting it on the door so they learn that when the door opens the bells ring but it would drive my OH batty so I improvised. There are a couple YouTube videos on how to train them to use these too. Hope this helps!

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I also tied a string if bells around the doorknob and trained my crew to tap them with their noses to go outside. Each one of them needed to do it to go out... once they had the idea (we guided them at first) I only let the one out who tapped the bells. Mya, our stubborn one, started to figure out PRETTY quickly that she needed to tap the bells or she got left in while Ash got to go out!

The bells are a nice indicator provided the dogs don't start doing it for fun.
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LOL I had that problem with the bells. I taught Zircon to ring a bell when he wants to go out when he was five months old and to this day (he is 7 yrs) he rings the bell when he wants to go out, but sometimes it's to pee and sometimes it's to play.
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I have always used a crate for house training so my puppies all learned to whine to go out. Well, except Darcy who was started on her housetraining in a motel room where she knew she wasn't allowed to be noisy. She started bringing me a shoe when she wanted out, her idea not mine. Now she considers my shoes precious so if I leave them too long in one place she will take them and hide them so the other animals can't find them, like they care. The problem is I can't always find them either.

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