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Default Getting Tater Tot to walk with me

Okay, here it goes! I'm tethering my puppy to me as much as possible until I get a handle on his pottying, biting, and rough play with my toddler. I have a 6 ft. leash on him at the moment. I started out with a regular buckle collar on him but it was getting tangled quite a bit and he was scratching at it constantly, even after over a week with it on. He now has a simple harness that goes over his shoulders and across his chest and the leash connects to the back. He does have more pull in this but I didn't want to be hurting his neck since he is only about 12 weeks. He is now starting to nip at me when I reach down to hold his harness in order to keep him off the toddler or something of that sort. My problem is that with walking with him tethered to me, he doesn't want to follow. If every time I need to leave the room I have to coax him into following then I'm not going to ever get anything done. I don't want to be dragging him along or forcing him with the leash. It's not pulling ahead of me that is the problem but his lack of desire to follow me when I start moving. The typical "Tater Tot, come on boy!" in a cheerful voice doesn't get a response out of him. Please help.

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