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Old 09-23-2009, 10:32 AM   #1
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Default Puppy advice

Right a few things.

George is i think getting used to his crate, hes not yet going in his self he would rather lay on the floor in the kitchen when im in there but at least he has stopped crying and barking when being placed in there, he now rests or play.

He seems to wee near enough straight away when placed outside at his own will, not had any accidents over night he wees before bed and in the morning we dont let him out and he seems to hold it.

BUT pooping, he has pooped 4 times in his cage and makes a mess in it, not pooped in a corner and leave it, he seems to roll around in it. I leave him outside for longer now but i cant get him to poo out there, i cant guess when he needs one.

last thing is the word "NO" how long before they pick it up, im having a nightmare with stones he loves chewing them, i tell him "No" but he dont take any notice, i take it away and out his mouth but he just go straight for another.

how long before he pick things up?

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Ick - if he's pooping in the crate and rolling in it I might hold off with the crate training for now. You might be inadvertantly training him to use it as his potty area.

When you say you leave George outside for longer, are you with him to watch or is he out there by himself?
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Old 09-23-2009, 12:46 PM   #3
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Out there with him

Hes got to go into a crate for night time, cant leave him alone in the house while we sleep, he will get up to loads things.

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maybe the crate is too big for him, you could try putting in some kind of divider and only letting him use half the crate until he gets bigger, when Sunn was a puppy we made sure that about 30 minutes after he ate he went out side for a poop and that worked well with him,

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What room is the crate in? If he is using the crate as a toilet then he will keep doing this! When you go out with him make sure he does a poo as well and first thing in morning he will need to go out straight away! So for now don't use the crate I would say the kitchen is the best bet for him to sleep. and providing the floor is clear of objects then you should be ok. If you are worried about door frames etc being chewed then there are sprays in pet stores that do work.
These sprays are safe to use on fabric and even his bedding. it's ok on other materials such as wood etc,

As for No it can be very long winded I would redirect his unwanted behaviour to something acceptable like play time etc and treat with a tasty though when he obeys the command No But you have to be consitant and repetious to get results, so don't give up! I have been driven crazy with Nipper in the past with No! You have to say it in a firm but clear voice
and make sure you get eye contact off him when you are saying it
to him. Good luck and keep us posted on his progress
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