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Default Puppy's first walk...

hi, today my puppy is allowed to go out for the first time, and i would like some advice on how to get her used to the lead.

I have another dog aswell, should i bring him with us on her first walk, she follows him everywhere so i was woundering if that would help her or if it would make her dependant on him?

Also i oftern let my dog off the lead on a large, more or less enclosed area, should i let my puppy off or is it too soon?

I've tried walking my puppy on a lead around the garden, and she hates the lead, i try bribing her with treats but once the treat's been eaten, she hates the lead again.


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Hi Lizzie
Some dogs don't like it put on them at all so you might try getting her used to it by allowing her to sniff at as long as she likes, talking to her in a happy voice etc when you put it on. By the time they realize that the sight of the leash means they get to go OUT they decide they love it!
If it were me I wouldn't let her off leash until she has at least a reasonable recall. You can practice indoors and even make a game of it by playing hide and seek so she gets used to coming when you call.
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Hi Lizzie I think really what should have been done was allowed your puppy in the house/garden to have the lead on for a period of time and let her just walk about round the house or even better the garden this is also where you can practice recall skills it's never too early to start this.( I made big mistakes on recall over 8 months and none of them worked but now have quite a good recall!)

try this with the lead attached ( but make sure it's a light weight one) this way will let her get used to the lead being attached. Every so often though while she is walking round the house/garden
put your foot on the lead and then change direction this will mimick the way you want her to walk. Always remember you walk the dog the dog mustn't walk you. And yes take your other dog with you when you do go out with your puppy as this will help her adjust to new surroundings,noises, smells etc Also have a load of treats you could even try a carrot ( they dont have much smell but my girl loves them!) Don't
show the puppy you have anything on you and in the garden ( much safer and familar than any where else) let her loose with your other dog.
recall your other dog ( does he/she have recall) get him/her to sit and give a treat then call your puppy in a nice happy voice.

Eg; Here or just Come but at the same time crouch down in a squat posistion with wide open arms what ever the command you use to get her back stick with it
to avoid any confusion and when she comes get her to sit then treat but always praise and pet lavishly this reinforces to the puppy that I get a treat and loads of praise if I come back as soon as I am called. Never tell off your puppy if it doesn't come back straight away as the puppy will
will associate coming back to you will result in being told off and the puppy will take longer and longer to come back to you! That's the mistake I did make but soon stopped that
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I have to dogs that i had from puppys. I started on the recall in the garden when i first brought them home. I also let them off lead the first time i took them out. Both of mine were a bit over wellmed by the space and didn't venture to far away from me, when they did go alittle way from me i would call them back in a happy abit higher than normal voice i would also crouch down and they would come trotting back. This is how i got there recall perfected.

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